Kelly Clarkson Reflects On Ellen And Oprah's Pressure To Take Over The Timeslot Previously Held

Kelly Clarkson Reflects On Ellen And Oprah's Pressure To Take Over The Timeslot Previously Held ...

Kelly Clarkson, a pop superstar and daytime talk show host, has been the home of some huge hits with The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Both of them have big shoes to fill, and Clarkson seems like the right fit. However, she has been transparent about the pressures of taking over.

Ellen DeGeneres' tenure came to an end last spring, many celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, wished her a happy final day after 19 seasons on the air. Before DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey ran the timeslot for 25 years. Clarkson has been preparing to take over, saying she will make some significant changes.

Oprah had that spot for a slew of years. Ellen came in. I think it's helpful for me to know that both women's presentations were very different, and how they communicated with people was different, and their humor was different. Both were successful. To do one thing, its important that we all stand out.

The differences arent a problem for the singer, who has found success on network TV as both a coach on The Voice. (She will not be competing in the singing competition this fall, and pop sensation Camila Cabello will take over the red chair.)

Its a popular slot. What's cool is that more people can see it when they're off work or returning from school. That's how I see it: as an opportunity to connect with more people.

Although Clarkson may attract additional viewers to her program during this time slot, she has been a household name for what feels like forever. She was recognized 20 years ago when she won American Idol, performed smash hits like Since U Been Gone and Stronger, was mentored and coached by Blake Shelton (her fun rival on The Voice), Ariana Grande, John Legend, and others.

Kelly Clarkson is set to join a legacy of hosts that are so well-known that they are often referred to by their first name, thus we may begin referring to her just as Kelly. This change will likely only make her stronger.