Barbarian by Bill Skarsgard has been dubbed "Crazy," "Rare," and "Incredible" by listeners prior to its release

Barbarian by Bill Skarsgard has been dubbed "Crazy," "Rare," and "Incredible" by listeners prior to  ...

We love horror films and the way they play in the theatrical setting. Sure, you can dim the lights in your own pad and get lost in a creepy story (and here we have ranked the 30 best horror films of all time). However, when you are surrounded by like-minded audience members who are all waiting for the next jump scare, it adds a certain level of excitement that can only be replicated once a special scary film is played in a multiplex.

The best part about hearing her scream is watching other people scream in her honor.

Yep, that's what happens. One or two audience members get wrapped up in the story, and their enthusiasm can entice the rest of the crowd to join in the ride. But what kind of ride does Barbarian have in store? We asked one man as he left the theater, and he said: "What did he expect?"

One word: cynical.

Succinct. To the point. I agree. Didnt you mention that Justin Long is in this film? Yes, he is, but his character is one of those story twists that we cant exclude, because to lose some of the movie's surprises.

It was a great day, though. It's quite rare that Im surprised anymore, because everything follows the same pattern. This one was superb.

The final audience member who spoke up against Barbarian and just warned:

Because the communal feeling around it is truly incredible, you have to see it in a theater with other people.

Zach Creggers Barbarian is now available for purchase at AMC Theatres as part of the chains Thrills & Chills program, and should be one of those horror films that people enjoy immediately afterward. See the trailer, then be a part of the conversation afterwards.