Why Is Luke Story in Star Wars: The Last Jedi the Character's Best Skywalker Portrayal?

Why Is Luke Story in Star Wars: The Last Jedi the Character's Best Skywalker Portrayal? ...

It's been five years since I've read and agreed that Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the most polarizing entry in the Skywalker Saga. There are many aspects of the film that are still hotly contested to this day, one of which is how Luke Skywalker was played. I believe it's one of the finest portrayals in the entire saga.

Hermit Luke and his strange milk-drinking behaviors are certainly laughable statements. However, Lukes portrayal isn't one of them (especially considering it was decided prior to the film). Here's what I've learned from the experience.

Luke would be in the position that Rey discovers him, making logical sense.

Fans were ecstatic when Rey agreed to return Luke's lightsaber at the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In hindsight, it's easy to see how the outrage surrounding Luke's portrayal first got started. Fans had just seen a modern "remake" of A New Hope and saw this set up for The Empire Strikes Back.

Luke Skywalker was hesitant to train Rey, and he seemed adamant about ending the First Order. He was fine living on an island on his own, and this new up-and-coming Force user jeopardized his ability to shut himself off from the Force and the galaxy at large. It's a moving portrayal of the guy who ended the Galactic Civil War, and while some felt it was completely off base, I get it.

Following the Empire's destruction, Luke set about rebuilding the Jedi Order. Not only did he fail at re-establishing the honored order to its former glory, but he effectively trained his nephew to be the driving force that put the entire galaxy back in the position it had previously sought to avoid.

The Last Jedi could have done more to express Luke's shame and sadness than having him follow Rey across an island in a game of follow the leader, but on the other hand, I thought the film was useful in explaining why he became in that position.

Lukes and Kylo Ren's feud addressed a very real trauma that he had never fully resolved.

Luke Skywalker confronted a few rather simple difficulties throughout his early journey as a Jedi. That all changed on its head when he learned that Darth Vader was actually his father, Anakin Skywalker, and that he would have to kill his father for the good of the galaxy. Vader ultimately bailed Luke out of that decision.

Luke is faced with the task of confronting a loved one in whom he senses great evil once more. This time, though, it is his own nephew, he acted irrationally. There were many choices Luke had that didnt include attempting to murder Ben Solo in his sleep. However, by that point, it was too late.

It's strange that a Star Wars hero would even consider killing his nephew, but this isn't really taken into account everything that he's gone through. Darth Vader, his own father, committed many horrible crimes in his decades-long service to the Empire, and was part of a regime that killed enormous numbers of people (I still think it's weird that Vaders one good act redeemed him). If he had the ability to recreate himself, would not he take that chance?

Luke Finally Does The Thing Hes Best AtHe Learns

Luke Skywalker isn't a perfect hero, but he does seem to excel at being a quick learner. His heart was broken, but his persistence ultimately helped him see the mistake he'd made all of these years. The galaxy might have moved on from relying on him to save them, but he still had a role to play in the Star Wars narrative.

Luke quickly re-established his connection with the Force and went about confronting his nephew in order to give what remained of the rebellion a chance to survive and fight another day. However, the reality is that Luke may have never been the person who ended conflicts.

The Last Jedi, for my opinion, didn't demonstrate what Luke Skywalker fans expected, but rather the original trilogy's humanity. The hero was humanized, in a lot of ways, and while it always sucks to see the great ones fall, Luke's redemption remains one of the greatest moments in the Skywalker Saga, if not a Top 5 moment (especially if we include in the Star Wars comics).

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