Kevin Hart praised Netflix for his time trending at #1

Kevin Hart praised Netflix for his time trending at #1 ...

Kevin Hart has been putting his best work on Netflix lately, with all of the originals he has starred in and produced. Since then, it has been common to see his films trending on Netflix. As his latest big hit, Me Time, remains the number one trending film, Hart is expressing his gratitude to the streaming studio.

Kevin Hart posted a photo on Instagram of five of his Netflix originals from 2017 to this week: The Upside, Fatherhood, True Story, The Man From Toronto, and Me Time.

I want to extend a huge thank you to [Netflix] for their support and encouragement on all of these projects.its all about Hartbeat we want to provide world-class feel good/relatable content.

Between early 2021 and the recent release of Me Times, all of the above projects have been available on Netflix, both behind the scenes and as the leading actor, and he gave some serious credit to Netflix for its support.

I swear we are just getting started. More heat is coming your way soon!!!!! I want more so I plan on doing more..wait till u see the change up in these next two films. Yall will never know what the fuck hit you..stay tuned.

Kevin Hart mentioned that there will be a lot more comedy adaptations for those who like him. He said that the next two would have a different outcome than fans would expect. Were not entirely certain which project he's talking about, but we can certainly guess that Lift's filming may be one of them, since Hart posted photos while on the shoot in Italy.

Despite Me Times' trending status since its release two weeks ago, the film received mixed reviews, with Me Time's lowest critically received film thus far, which isnt exactly worth celebrating on its own. Perhaps Hart is attempting to see the bigger picture and the future.

Kevin Hart isn't only working with Netflix in the near future. Borderlands is the film adaptation of the video game, but it doesn't have a release date yet. Hell will also star in a film called Back On The Strip, which will be released this November.