The Top Guest Appearances On Glee We Can't Help But Consider

The Top Guest Appearances On Glee We Can't Help But Consider ...

There are plenty of modern day programs that excel at attracting exceptional guest actors, including Glee, which is my personal favorite. Though there have been other shows with exceptional guest stars, such as 30 Rock, or The Office, I do not think any other modern television show was as effective at attracting excellent guest actors as Glee (created by TV royalty, Ryan Murphy).

The guest stars were always some of the best parts of the series, although the program had its good and not so good moments. Today, we'll talk about the twelve best Glee guest stars that we can't stop thinking about, even after the show's debut.

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris is my go-to guy to mention because he is one of my favorite personalities to mention. Harris plays Will Schuester in the Season 1 episode of Glee, Dream On, and wow what a performance!

Neil Patrick Harris won an Emmy Award for his guest appearance while singing a cover of Dream On.

Kristin Chenoweth

Kristin Chenoweth, who plays the Rhodes Not Taken in Season 1, was a guest star for the Schimigadoon! cast. The Rhodes Not Taken was something entirely different, and seeing her interpretation of Maybe This Time is amazing.

Amber Rhodes, her character, will reprise in future episodes, but nothing beats her first appearance on the show.

Britney Spears

Britney/Brittany, the pop princess herself, Britney Spears, appeared in several of the kids' dream sequences while they were getting their teeth done and were laughing out loud.

Spears did not have many lines, but just seeing her appear in these musical sequences alongside the rest of the Glee cast was incredible, and I loved the interactions she would have with the other members. I wish she would have spoken more.

John Stamos

John Stamos, a well-known TV actor who played Uncle Jesse in the family sitcom Full House, has appeared for the first time in Britney/Brittany. He does have a few singing roles, but in Season 2, he became Emma's love interest (Jayma Mays).

He would also appear in later episodes, as well, until his relationship with Emma came to an end, but it's a good time to be alive and watch him on Glee.

Idina Menzel

Idina Menzel has been well-known since her performances in smash hit musicals like Maureen Johnson's Wicked, for the latter of which she won a Tony Award. Later, she gained fame when she played Elsa in both Frozen and Frozen 2, causing displeasure among parents everywhere as their children listened to Let It Go.

Shelby Corcoran, Rachels' (Lea Michele) biological mother, appeared in Season 1 episode of Glee, and while Idina Menzel was literally coaching Rachels competitors, they both ended the day on the right foot.

Menzel appeared in several episodes and even had an affair with a student in Season 3, which I didn't want to discuss.

I wish she had come back during Seasons 5 or 6 when Rachel was experiencing difficulties in her life, but it's not the end of the world. I know she was out doing star-studded activities.

Demi Lovato

Season 5 of Glee was, ah, something.

When the show was first on Netflix, I was never a big fan. Season 4 was funny because I loved it because I was a New Yorker and loved that they offered it there. But Season 5 was... not that great.

Season 5 of Glee's guest actors were exceptional, and while I could vouch for one who really rocked my socks off, Adam Lambert, I'll devote this section to Demi Lovatos' guest role, Dani.

Lovato wasn't on the show for very long, but her role was critical to Santanas' (Naya Rivera)'s) growth since she had just separated from Brittany in Season 4 and needed to make a decision about her life. Dani was that new experience. The cover of Here Comes The Sun gives me goosebumps.

Season 5 was mediocre, but the cover made a lot of sense.

Olivia Newton-John

As I write this, Olivia Newton-John, who is primarily known for her role as Sandy in the Grease cast and her remarkable musical career, passed away in 2022. However, I can still look back on her best roles and think that her guest role in Glee was truly iconic.

She first appeared in the Season 1 episode, Bad Reputation, where I got to see her do the greatest cover of her song Physical ever, alongside Jane Lynch. At the end of the season, she appears again as a judge in Journey to Regionals, still looking as amazing as ever.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow appeared in Season 2 of The Substitute as Holly Holliday, and she forever changed my life. While Will Schuster was sick, her cover of Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) triggered my imagination.

Her character was so loved that she ended up appearing at the live Glee shows they were doing at the time. She also received an Emmy for her part in the show she so much deserves.

Kate Hudson

I think I enjoyed Season 4 of Glee. And I feel that a lot of people neglect to give Kate Hudson her time on the program enough credit, because she performed her butt off. Hudson was able to bring just the right amount of sass and courage to match Rachels energy, and I loved it.

Seriously. Rachel's cover of All That Jazz is one of my personal favorites. She may not be everyones favorite guest star, but I loved her time on the program. She appeared in several episodes in Season 4, but I wanted to see her again.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg has decided to enlist the support of Glee fans by playing Carmen Tibideaux, the Dean of Vocal Performance at NYADA, in Season 3, and Season 5. She was the person who gave Rachel a chance to come to the school after she failed her college audition in Season 3, and then became a Nationals winner.

Carmen, who was initially a skeptic, is someone I could totally respect because she believed in the art of music. She was determined to make sure everyone was aware of her. Those who did let in would then work their butts off to try and impress her. I'll always be sad they never brought her back, but once Rachel left NYADA, I suppose it's understandable that we never saw her again.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker was always one of the guest cast members who felt underutilized on Glee, because I actually enjoyed her role on the show. Parker, well-known for many roles, includes her famous lead role in the Sex and the City cast, plays Isabelle Wright, a Vogue executive who gives Kurt a job as an assistant.

Parker is absolutely wonderful in her role as a Vogue assistant with no prior experience. She was fantastic in her appearance on The Way You Look Tonight/Youre Never Fully Dressed, and I loved her performance of At The Ballet. She was a great special guest star.

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin is a singing legend. This singer was introduced in Season 3 of The Spanish Teacher, who was acting as Will's night-school teacher to teach better Spanish. But, Will took him to the glee club that week when he decides to give the songs a Spanish music theme.

I know it. You have not lived until you've heard Ricky Martin, of all people, sing the LMFAOs Sexy and I Know It, partially in Spanish. This was a learning experience for me at the same time, because I did not need to see Finn do a body roll.

The last episode of Glee was broadcast seven years ago, which still makes me cringe to think about, and the cast has since done many other things. However, I can still look back on this program and think of all of the fun I had with these guest stars, and I'll still enjoy their covers on my playlist.