Kevin Smith's Latest Trip To The Quick Stop Is An Unexpectedly Impressive Finale in Clerks III

Kevin Smith's Latest Trip To The Quick Stop Is An Unexpectedly Impressive Finale in Clerks III ...

Clerks III is one of those promised sequels from writer/director Kevin Smith that seemed like they would never be realized. It's one of many unmade projects that the filmmaker has announced or attached himself to in the last few years, and it seemed for a while there was always a failure or a new development that would put the Quick Stop-based trilogy on the back burner. The fact that Clerks III exists is a miracle, but the discovery that it's a surprisingly moving ending to the story of Dante and

Kevin Smith admits to digging his own personal history for the screenplay he's dedicated to. Randall (Jeff Anderson) decides he wants to be a filmmaker in the wake of a near fatal heart attack.

Smith brings together the usual cast of Jason Mewes as Jay and Brian OHalloran as Dante, as well as some new faces, to bring this part of the View Askiew-niverse full circle. Fans of the series are expected to be surprised by the end but want to experience the entire trilogy for the first time.

Clerks III is a warm blanket for fans of the previous films that pushes its protagonists out of their comfort zone.

Kevin Smith is returning to the proverbial well again, this is particularly interesting after returning to his previous work in 2019's Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Dante and Randall have always been linked to Jay and Silent Bob, so much so that these two separate paths tend to collide quite often. From its opening scene set to My Chemical Romances Welcome to the Black Parade, Clerks III is certainly a warm blanket for anyone who wishes to see Smith's work.

The main difference between Clerks III and Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is the unique lens thats used to reflect on Kevin Smith's life and times. Smith has been displaying his skills over several films.

A fictionalized version of Smith's personal journey (aptly named Inconvenience under Randall Graves' artistic hand) offers many opportunities to show off the cinematic world that has been built since 1994. With Easter eggs, similar plot beats from other films, and even the cameos and surprise appearances, Clerks III puts its baseball cap on the work of Kevin Smith.

Kevin Smith goes harder on the Clerks III drama, and he may have gone further if he desired.

Kevin Smith has made excellent use of his usual pop culture humor and deeper personal drama throughout Clerks III. The thrill that awaits viewers eager to see this film is how dramatic things can get. From the start, it feels like this story is the closest that Kevin Smith has ever come to making an all-out drama.

Yes, there is Jersey Girl, the dramedy with a great heart that Smith saw mocked by the press and public almost 20 years ago. Theres good times, theres bad times, and theres the times you're trying to explain the plot of The Mandalorian to your doctor before having heart surgery. Thats Kevin Smith's playbook, and he hasnt let it out yet.

Clerks III could have pushed more into the dramatic part of things in an effort to further discredit Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Both films draw on the resurrected Kevin Smith, a filmmaker who wants to make deeply personal films about the familiar cinematic jesters weve known for decades. Thats not to say that Both films are in disrepute.

Clerks III is a fitting conclude to Randall and Dante's adventures, which will entice viewers to return to the site.

The Jay and Silent Bob spinoffs are a mix of pop culture and comedy strip style encounters that act as massive cultural takedowns, with just a bit of humor mixed in. The Clerks series has always been about surviving occupations that would be great if only it werent for the damned customers. Even in the face of gross out humor and discussions about sexual ethics, there was a great, massive, beating organ at the core of Kevin Smiths now completed trilogy. It just wasnt the one everyone was

Kevin Smith tells the tale of two men who are the epitome of hetero life partners in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, yet Clerks III is built for the long run. In the world of personal dramedies that mocked Lord of the Rings, Smith has stumbled upon his own trilogy that calls on its protagonists to grow and mature through tough choices.

Clerks III has been developed for almost 30 years, and with each film Kevin Smith has shown his development as a filmmaker. In a sense, whenever he returns to this world, it has been on the back of some new twist or turn in his development. The result is a beautiful, bittersweet send-off.