HBO has apparently addressed the House Of The Dragon's viral FX error

HBO has apparently addressed the House Of The Dragon's viral FX error ...

The minor things can get missed. On Game of Thrones, the most famous Starbucks cup error may have been the show's prequel House of the Dragon. It may have avoided any anachonistic prop errors thus far, but one noteworthy VFX snafu stood out to admirers. (When there are so many people watching the show, the mistakes are bound to be caught.) HBO is apparently already working to fix the issue.

King Viserys has lost two fingers on his left hand after contracting a flesh-eating illness, and actor Paddy Considine has worn a partial green glove on his left hand for post-production, since all five fingers (two of them green) appeared on the screen. The revised episode of the prequel series will be released later this week, according to an HBO source.

For the time being, the moment will live on in viral infamy...

Viserys' missing fingers are not the green screen glove #hotd 5, 2022

The Starbucks cup incident in House of the Dragon was one that had already been addressed by the creative team before the first episode. Ryan Condal, the show's co-showrunner, previously joked to THR that the show had a very heavily policed setup, and there was a lot of Starbucks-hunting going on.

During the fourth episode of GOTs, the cup in question appeared during the final season. While everyone is remembering the Night King's death, Daenerys glances penibly into the distance, but the cup became the star of the moment instead of the Mother of Dragons.

The Starbucks incident sparked a lot of outrage among HBO executives and show producers, and the company responded in good humor, declaring that Daenerys did not order a latte but rather herbal tea, making the cup a mistake on that front. Not long after the jokes spread around, the cup was removed from the episode, which was later edited out.

House of the Dragon seems to be on a similar trajectory as Game of Thrones. The prequel to Season 2 is extremely popular and has already received significant coverage after just three episodes, including one of the showrunners stepping down for Season 2.

House of the Dragon is available on HBO or with a HBO Max subscription. All eyes will be on Episode 4 next Sunday night to see if any other details can be discovered.