With a leather-clad photo spread, Bruce Willis and his wife rose to the top, and there are before and after photographs

With a leather-clad photo spread, Bruce Willis and his wife rose to the top, and there are before an ...

Bruce Willis, who has been battling with Aphasia and will be retiring from acting, has been sharing snippets of their family life. They can often be seen spending time with their children or out-of-doors at their Montana home. This week, Emma showed off a leather-clad post where she and Bruce had gotten a little hot and heavy for a photo spread as newlyweds.

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming got engaged in 2009 and the publication captured their look in a glossy photo spread that included the actor wearing black fur and tall leather boots and gloves.

Emma Heming Willis (@emmahemingwillis) has shared a post on her blog (opens in new tab)

On the internet, a photo was taken.

Emma Heming Willis is usually seen in these days her hair is free and down around her shoulders. She is often seen wearing comfortwear that aren't quite like the tight, leather-heavy ones from their days past. She acknowledged, however, that it took a lot to achieve that stunning result on Instagram.

Emma Heming was a well-known model in her early career, indicating that she should be exposed to makeup, faux hair, leather, and other things. Despite her apparent shortcomings, she still shared a "after" photo of herself and her partner in their normal outfits, which she described as "wholesome."

Oh, and of course she threw in another look at the couple on their property, kissing one another.

Emma Heming Willis has been candid about her marriage and family life, although social media makes it easier for influencers to showcase the wonderful moments of their lives.

Willis' diagnosis has prompted her to reflect on the family's difficulties. Scout Willis, Bruce's daughter from a previous marriage, offered her some insight on what the family as a whole has been through. In a recent post, she noted Scout told her "grief is the purest form of love" and that's stayed with her throughout this past "summer of self-discovery."

Willis has stated that she does not view herself as a "any kind of hero," but it's still nice to see how supportive she and her family have been in bolstering the famous Die Hard actor. And if that means sharing some sexually charged throwback photos from time to time, I'm here for that.