Kevin Bacon Reacts To Those Rumors About Playing Freddy Krueger in "Nightmare On Elm Street"

Kevin Bacon Reacts To Those Rumors About Playing Freddy Krueger in "Nightmare On Elm Street" ...

Freddy Krueger was last seen in the poorly-received 2010 remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. If a revival were to happen, fans might have a chance to see their favorite slasher villain again.

Kevin Bacon has been promoting his role in recent horror films like You Should Have Left and They/Them. He said to ScreenRant while promoting his role in the action thriller One Way:

I mean, I say, Never say never, but I really do follow that. There are very few things that I don't do, Nah, nah. You just never know.

Bacon appears to be open to the prospect of starring in the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. Although you may know him for dancing to the beat in Footloose, he also played one of the most famous roles in the Friday the 13th franchise - an arrow through the neck beneath the bed he was sleeping on.

Kevin Bacon would be difficult to imagine as the horribly-scarred child killer. Robert Englund was truly iconic in his performance as Freddy Krueger. He still makes horror fans want more, and he enjoys playing the villain in one of Englund's favorite horror films, Stir of Echoes.

The revival of A Nightmare on Elm Street is just a matter of good reason. Robert Englund can vouch that the main weakness with the 2010 remake was that we were unable to emotionally invest in the young people from the start. If those young people became victims, it would be difficult to do that if we did not feel like them at the time of the original Freddy actor's appearance?

With your Peacock subscription, viewers would be in for a real treat if Kevin Bacon were to take on the role of Freddy Krueger.