Star Trek: Discovery Reveals First Look And New Details For A Thrilling Adventure Coming In Season 5

Star Trek: Discovery Reveals First Look And New Details For A Thrilling Adventure Coming In Season 5 ...

Star Trek: Discovery is currently in development stages for Season 5, and fans are undoubtedly eager for Captain Michael Burnham's next major adventure to begin. As the first image and synopsis tease, the journey will be filled with mystery and danger.

If you haven't already re-subscribed to Paramount+, now is the time to do so. The first details for Season 5 of Discovery are now available, and the crew is expected to face scary adversaries and mysterious unknown forces (although maybe nothing as mysterious as 10-C). Read all about it below to learn more about the upcoming quest to uncover an ancient power:

Captain Burnham and the crew of the USS Discovery discover a mysterious power that has been deliberately concealed for centuries. But there are others on the hunt as well-dangerous foes who want to claim the prize for themselves and will do everything to get it.

I think there's something about the term ancient power that gives me an Indiana Jones vibe. This power will certainly pose a security threat if it is misused, but beyond that, I think there are many fans eager for the Discovery crew to embark on a mission in which the whole galaxy is not at risk (it sounds like we could see more space pirates), which sounds quite different from most of what this region of the Trek-dom has tackled previously.

Michael Burnham will continue to serve as the captain of the next adventure, but that doesnt mean she will never get her hands dirty in Season 5 of Star Trek: Discovery: Discovery: The First Look:

Star Trek Day showed off a behind-the-scenes video of Season 5 of Discovery, and while there wasn't much revealed in the way of plot, there was still one vital detail on display. This is probably good news for Tilly lovers!

Tilly left the Discovery to teach at Starfleet Academy in Season 4, but she returned in the season finale to assist Starfleets in their defense of the anomaly. Wisemans participation on set is a good sign that she will be involved in Season 5, although we cant say for how long or how often that will be. David Ajala is also mentioned in the cast mentioned for Season 5, so we should get to see Burnham and Booker reconcile their wounds following his betrayal of

On Paramount+, you can now watch Star Trek: Discovery Seasons 1 to 4 (opens in new tab). This is the perfect time of year to catch up on this incredible series, especially as the fun of Star Trek Day continues.