Casting News for the Yellowstone Prequel 1923 Has Arrived That Finally Clarifies John Dutton's Ancestry

Casting News for the Yellowstone Prequel 1923 Has Arrived That Finally Clarifies John Dutton's Ances ...

When it came to looking back at John Dutton's family history and the late relatives who were worth looking back on, Taylor Sheridan introduced 1883's James and Margaret Dutton to the world, with so many unconnected dots between their Montana adventure and John's current struggle to maintain control of Paradise Valley. For months, fans have been looking forward to seeing Hollywood icons Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren join this western universe for the year-swapped prequel 1923, but its only now thanks to a

While all of these new characters will be familiar to Paramount+ subscribers, they can look forward to seeing them again in December 2022, while the extended run of Yellowstone continues. But first, let's talk about who the two main cast members will be portraying.

  • Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren will play Jacob and Cara Dutton
  • James Badge Dale will play John Dutton Sr.

James Badge Dale, a 24-year veteran, will play John Dutton Sr., who was played famously by Dabney Coleman in Yellowstone proper. John Dutton Sr. is indeed James' kid (the oldest) and Jacob's nephew, and he'll serve as his uncle's right hand man.

  • Darren Mann will play Jack Dutton

Darren Mann of Animal Kingdom is transitioning from one violence-loving family drama to another, taking on the role of Jack Dutton in 1923. Jack, a fiercely loyal member of the family, is the son of John Dutton Jr. and the nephew of Jacob.

  • Marley Shelton will play Emma Dutton

Marley Shelton of Scream fame will play Emma, Jack's mother, and wife of John Dutton Sr. She's been dubbed as being polite, so it's a no-brainer.

And now there are the remaining Dutton family members who haven't joined the Dutton family...yet.

  • Michelle Randolph will play Elizabeth Strafford

Michelle Randolph of A Snow White Christmas is a rising star in the new cast announcements as Elizabeth Stafford, a "feisty and capable young lady" poised to marry into the Dutton family. Place your bets on how this marriage will fit into things.

  • Brian Geraghty will play Zane

Brian Geraghty of Big Sky claims he'll take on the role of Rip or Lloyd in 1923, since he'll be a fiercely loyal ranchhand for the Dutton family.

  • Aminah Nieves will play Teonna Rainwater

Aminah Nieves of Blueberry will play Teonna Rainwater, who is described as a "young woman at a goverment residential boarding school." This is easily the most surprising of the bunch due to the fact that she does not just work on the ranch.

  • Julia Schlaepfer will play Alexandra

Julia Schlaepfer of The Politictician is set to play a British lady who meets someone from the family on their journey across the pond in 1923.

Let's wear our cowboy hats that double as our thinking caps, and think about what might happen with all of these characters if 1923 becomes available on Paramount+ in December 2022. Check out our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what else is coming soon on the small screen.