Why the Wild Season 6 Reveal from Rick And Morty Could Be Set Up For A Tragic Ending

Why the Wild Season 6 Reveal from Rick And Morty Could Be Set Up For A Tragic Ending ...

Warning! The following paragraphs may be spoilers for the Rick and Morty Season 6 premiere Solaricks. Read at your own risk!

The return of Rick and Morty for Season 6 wasn't quite as big a mind trip as the iconic Szechuan sauce premiere that sparked outrage and rage in the Rick and Morty fandom, but it was fairly close. The premiere picked up on Season 5's dramatic conclusion and revisited the true version of Rick Sanchez's origin story that was touched on back in the beginning, although it might suggest that the series has reached a terrible conclusion.

Im guessing that Rick is using Morty in order to slay Rick Prime, the Rick who murdered his family, in the premiere, as well as a major lore update that feels too great to brush over as conveniently as the premiere.

Rick joined the Smith Family of the Rick who tragically killed his wife and Beth.

Ricks attempt to resurrect his portal gun accidentally transported him and other characters back to their natural worlds, including Morty, who was eventually saved by Rick, who later revealed that Rick Prime, the evil man who killed our hero Ricks family, is Morty's grandfather.

Rick confessed that he joined the Smith family in the hopes that Rick Prime would show up and he would kill him. The two quickly shot off to try to capture Rick Prime, but Rick assured him that Rick Prime does not care enough to pursue Morty.

Was Rick lying about Morty's relevance in all of this?

Morty is the only member of the Smith family from the Cronenberged universe that is still alive at the end of the film. He isn't aware that Jerry Prime died in the Cronenberged universe back then, which is strange because this Rick never had a grandson. Shouldnt he be equally ignorant to this Morty as the countless others?

Rick hasnt always been the kindest to Morty; in fact, he's been a complete dick to him at times. And yet, he always made sure to keep him around throughout all of these adventures? The optimist in me wants to believe that Rick has developed a bond with Morty and hopes to protect him. However, I'm unsure whether or not there will be a clear answer on what do.

I believe the realist in me believes Rick has a reason to keep Morty alive, and Rick's previous behavior makes it seem quite likely there is a reason he protects Morty. Perhaps the reason for Rick Prime's interest in Morty isn't as obvious as Rick Prime's interest in Morty, but there has to be something there. Morty is, after all, Ricks key in eroding Prime Rick in some way.

Why This Is Tragic For Morty

Rick and Morty was never a series bursting with optimism, but assuming he is just along for the ride because hell will ultimately prove some value in defeating Rick Prime makes for a sombre reality for Morty. While Rick may mask some of his beliefs about things at the present, it was difficult to envision how happy he was to see his actual father again in the Season 6 premiere.

Morty has various versions of his family with him in an alternate reality that is more or less similar to the one he knows, but they arent actually his family. It's all due to a guy who isnt actually his grandfather. Even if he discovered in the very next episode that he's just a pawn in this big game, he doesnt have any other choice than to go along with it.

Morty may not always behave like it, but he still wanted to be cool and spend time with his grandpa. He never asked for anything, and now he's so involved he wouldn't be able to get out of it if he tried. It makes me think that Rick would end up tossing Morty away afterward.

Is Rick And Morty's Theorie Just Too Cynical?

While Rick and Morty have often shown Rick to be a depraved and degenerate person, he does have a different side than perhaps Rick Prime. Weve seen him develop meaningful relationships with people like Bird Person, and obviously Mr. Poopybutthole is a good enough friend to keep answering whenever Rick calls on him. Its entirely possible that Rick has a genuine and lasting connection with Morty, especially after all they have gone through in the recent years.

It's unclear when we'll get any further meaningful information on Rick's war with Rick Prime, given the way Rick and Morty is now. It may happen in the very next episode, or we'll only hear anything else until the Season 6 finale or later (Justin Roiland has confirmed that more canonical lore will be explored in Season 6).

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