Peyton List of Cobra Kai Talks About Getting Fighting Tips From Karate Kid Veterans Ralph Macchio, William Zabka, and Martin Kove

Peyton List of Cobra Kai Talks About Getting Fighting Tips From Karate Kid Veterans Ralph Macchio, W ...

Season 5 of Cobra Kai is upon us, and after a bunch of teases and revelations, you can see the teens of the Valley kicked ass, naming themselves, and beginning a conflict that began decades ago with The Karate Kid. Peyton List plays a lot of the action scenes in the franchise, but she has recently revealed that she does occasionally ask veteran actors for fighting tips on set.

Peyton List talked to Variety about Tory's journey in Cobra Kai and her interaction with the older cast versus her peers. List was asked if she would share fighting advice with guys like Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, and the actress replied that she would never:

When I first started training in martial arts, Ralph [Macchio] used to say, I'm the old guy. I've never been self-deprecating. Billy [Zabka] is adamantly against self-deprecating. He'll never let himself go. With his fighting, Marty [Kove] was like, We're sorry we didn't choose to cast Tory.

Martin Kove, a long-time cobra Kai fan and long-time admirer of The Karate Kid, is joyous to learn about her ribbing Peyton List as she first appeared on the Netflix series, though his character might have been a lot harsher in critiquing her performance. Also, Johnny Lawrence choked out John Kreese when he was a kid, so it's not like we'd want Kove to get completely into character on set.

Tory saw her coach Terry Silver pay off the judge after what was a close match between her and Samantha LaRusso, so Im sure shell has a chip on her shoulder and wants to ensure that she truly earned the championship.

Shell will certainly have a chance to improve her skills thanks to the addition of Cobra Kai to Season 5, Kim Da-Eun. Peyton List predicted that Kim would push Tory to be better and boost her self-confidence in the future. In short, Sam is not sure whether or not she will take on Tory this season, but we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Cobra Kai Season 5 will be available on Netflix on Friday, September 9th. Daniel, Johnny, and others must try and stop Terry Silvers master plan to distribute Cobra Kai throughout the country, but given all the help and former friends that Silvers has enlisted, Im eager to see whether or not that will be possible.