After fans complained about the black Hobbits in LOTR: The Rings Of Power, Whoopi Goldberg realized she was not a fantasy representation

After fans complained about the black Hobbits in LOTR: The Rings Of Power, Whoopi Goldberg realized  ...

The Lord of the Rings has a large fanbase, so it was no surprise that the Rings of Power TV series quickly established a new high among shows on Amazon Prime, with 25 million people tuning in for the first episodes. However, with popularity comes scrutiny, and the new LOTR prequel has faced a large amount of both, especially around The Rings of Powers' diverse cast. Now, Whoopi Goldberg is calling out those who are complaining about The Black Hobbits.

Criticism of Rings of Power has been high, but those who disapprove of it claim that the varied cast does not fit within the LOTR lore. According to Elon Musk, the show's creator Neil Gaiman criticized Musk for supporting TROP's casting. Goldberg said recently on The View:

We want to see as many people as possible represented in fantasy. So all of you who have issues because there are Black Hobbits, get a job. Find yourself. Because you are focused on the wrong things.

A Black Elf, a Black female Dwarf, and several Black Harfoots (a.k.a. the Rings of Power's version of Hobbits) are all featured in the program, as well as a female protagonist. People have made racist and sexist remarks about them.

The View's episode also addresses the range of the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon, where the richest person in Westeros is a Black man, played by Steve Toussaint. Both films are now more inclusive with their casting.

Whoopi Goldberg noted that Both The Rings of Power and The House of the Dragon take place in worlds that aren't seen in real life, according to the following:

The House of the Dragon, the new Lord of the Rings series, and the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon, are both huge hits, but they do not exist in the real world. There are no dragons, there are no Hobbits, you know.

Goldberg went on to mention that the new Little Mermaid will have a Black actress playing Ariel and that sea creatures can be literally any color, from pink to blue to purple. Thus, anyone can be a mermaid, or any fantasy creature for that matter.

There are those who think they are too awake by adding diverse characters. Are you correct in assuming that Black people cant be fake people too? Is that what you are implying? I don't know if there will be protests or if there will be any, but what is wrong with you?

Many have spoken out against the rude remarks made by these trolls. This includes the original Hobbits from the Peter Jackson films. Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, and Sean Astin all posed for photos wearing t-shirts and hats with the caption You are all welcome here.

Rings of Power's quest and the conversation will continue this Friday, according to the 2022 TV schedule. An Amazon Prime subscription will allow you to participate in the quest and the conversation.