The Handmaid's Tale's Creator Describing Plans For The Testaments Sequel Series After Renewal

The Handmaid's Tale's Creator Describing Plans For The Testaments Sequel Series After Renewal ...

The Handmaid's Tale is coming to an end, marking the culmination of an extraordinarily successful year for Hulu. Back in 2017, the dystopian drama won the Outstanding Drama Series award at the Emmy Awards, and has continued to flourish over the years. Hulu has renewed the program for a sixth and final season, but it does not mean that the stories set in Gilead will have to stop on the streamer.

Hulu announced that The Handmaids Tale would return for a sixth season less than a week before the long-awaited fifth season will air, along with the news that Season 6 will come to an end. While it's sad for those who would have preferred to continue watching June fight for many more years to come, it's fortunate that the program has run for enough seasons. The other seasons have outpaced the source material.

It's too early to expect much of the sixth and final season of The Handmaids Tale, although it's safe to assume that Joseph Fiennes will be gone after the fourth season of the Margaret Atwood sequel. We can, however, look ahead to the sequel series' plans:

The show begins and you know what it is about its following the story of this woman. So from the beginning, you are going to a certain moment in the woman's life when she identified a certain way. It's not the June Osborne Tale, its The Handmaids Tale, and a certain time in her life when she identified a certain way. It's a perfect creative situation that we get to peel off but maintain our connection with all of our characters that weve built and loved, and all of

The Testaments will be developed by Handmaids Tale senior lady Elisabeth Moss, although there aren't many specifics available at this time beyond Millers recent remarks, so fans of the original will at least enjoy the possibility of a sequel. (Notably: a time jump.)

The Testaments almost certainly cant be adapted directly from page to screen due to Hulus The Handmaids Tale's contribution to Margaret Atwoods' original novel. Despite how horrible and dark it may be, Bruce Miller feels confident that he is the right person for the task of adaptation.

The Handmaids Tale's fifth season is set to air on Wednesday, September 14 in the 2022 TV premiere schedule. Leading lady Elisabeth Moss said the season itself is one of the wildest that weve ever seen. This is a great sign for Hulu's ability to renew your subscription in time for new episodes!