Where Have You Seen These New And Returning Season 5 Cast Members Before? Cobra Kai: Where Have You Seen These New And Returning Season 5 Cast Members Before?

Where Have You Seen These New And Returning Season 5 Cast Members Before? Cobra Kai: Where Have You  ...

Cobra Kai for life!

Yes, but seriously, can we talk about how great Cobra Kai is? It began as a YouTube Red TV series, but was purchased by Netflix years ago and is now in its fifth season after so much anticipation as part of the 2022 TV premiere schedule. Its had some badass fights, some sick moments, and some truly amazing stories that have continued the legacy of the Karate Kid series.

With every new season, we usually get to meet some new faces. Here are a few of the familiar faces from the Netflix series.

Sean Kanan (Mike Barnes)

Sean Kanan, who will play Mike Barnes in Season 5 of Cobra Kai, is the first name to familiarize you with Karate Kid III. He was one of the antagonists in Karate Kid III last month. Deadline shared some early glimpses of Kanan's return to the Karate Kid universe for Season 5.

Kanan has appeared in a number of films and television programs since his role as Daniel's fighting opponent in Karate Kid III. Some of his most well-known television roles include playing A.J. Quartermaine on both The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless, two very popular soap operas.

Alicia Hannah-Kim (Kim Da-Eun)

As a new teacher for Cobra Kai, Silvers' businesses are flourishing (in a bad way, of course), and hes looking for additional instructors in Cobra Kai. And thats where Kim Da-Eun comes into play. In Season 5, we are introduced to Kim as a new instructor for Cobra Kai, according to Deadline.

Hannah-Kim has appeared in television programs such as Minx, Alone Together, and the medical series Greys Anatomy, as well as in films such as A Nice at the Silent Movie Theater and Heatwave. I cant wait to see her put some weight to the test in this new role.

Dallas Dupree-Young (Kenny Payne)

Dallas Dupree-Young plays Kenny Payne in Cobra Kai. He was the boy who was bullied in Season 4, and decided to join Cobra Kai in order to stand up against his bullies. According to Deadline, he has been promoted to a series regular for this season.

Young has already done a lot of work, in addition to his introduction to Cobra Kai. He has appeared in TV series such as The Fosters, The Mayor, The Good Place, Cousins for Life, The Big Show Show, and more.

Cobra Kai seems to accomplish that in the finest way. Im looking forward to seeing what these characters do next - and how many fights they'll get into. This Netflix release is certain to captivate all of the audience.