With Patch 12.17, all skins will be available in League

With Patch 12.17, all skins will be available in League ...

The last League of Legends patch has passed two weeks, so it's time, as always, to prepare for another.

League patches are usually issued every two weeks and minor changes a few things here and there. Patch 12.17 is no exception, since it will affect a lot of league champions, nerfing some and buffing others, but they will not be as significant as in the first half of the year, since Riot is aiming to maintain the game, thus it will not affect the Worlds 2022 meta.

Each patch adds a few new skins to the game, and Patch 12.17 includes four of them. Three are from the Zenith Games collection, which will be making its debut on Summoners Rift. Blitzcrank, Lee Sin, and Jayce are the champions to receive fresh skins from that skin line, who look like futuristic athletes, with bright and bold colors.

The Zenith Games are now available on the PBE. pic.twitter.com/OC275DZPBo

Viego is getting a King Viego skin, which shows him in a completely different appearance back when he was not corrupted. He appears to be holding the hand of Isolde, who ruled the kingdom of Cavador.

All the skins for League of Legends will be released in Patch 12.17, so please read on.

Zenith Games Blitzcrank

Zenith Games Jayce

Zenith Games Lee Sin

King Viego