In Warframe, how do I get Styanax?

In Warframe, how do I get Styanax? ...

The 50th unique Warframe from Warframe is making a splash. He was created as a result of the Veilbreaker update, and armed with Axios and Tharroshis javelin and his shield, bringing the battle to the Sol System.

Styanax is a tanky frame that can support allies and debuff enemies while staying in the thick of the fight. With his Tharros Strike ability, Styanax removes enemy shields and armor and regenerates Styanax's health for every enemy hit, which also makes it a good way to keep the Warframes' aggression up.

As part of the Veilbreaker update, Digital Extremes released the heroic Warframe for free for a limited time. Heres how you can get Styanax for free, and what you can do to add him to your arsenal if you missed the free time.

In the Warframes Veilbreaker update, how do I get Styanax for free?

The Styanax giveaway was initially disabled by Digital Extremes because players were receiving multiple messages (and presumably multiple copies of the Warframe) between Sept. 7 and 21.

When you log in during the limited-time period, Styanax will be available in your arsenal, and you can expect a text message from the Lotus (or not, depending on your choices in The New War) to confirm that you have obtained the heroic Warframe. Styanax also comes with his own Warframe slot, so you don't have to worry about having enough room for him.

Players may still unlock him once the grace period ends, although they will need a few extra steps to do so.

How to get Styanax in Warframe

Styanax will be available from the new character, Chipper, who will act as a vendor from the Kahls Garrison Syndicate when the Veilbreaker quest is completed. Chipper will also reward players with new Kahl-175 cosmetics, mods, and weapon blueprints during weekly missions for Kahls Garrison.