PlayStation CEO blasts Xbox's promise to keep Call of Duty on both consoles

PlayStation CEO blasts Xbox's promise to keep Call of Duty on both consoles ...

According to GamesIndustry, PlayStation isnt too enthused with Xbox's current proposals to keep the Call of Duty franchise available on both major consoles.

Xbox's CEO expressed his belief that console-exclusive games would soon become a thing of the past and that console exclusivity was inherently bad for gamers or the game industry. That, apparently, has not stopped the company from offering the hugely popular Call of Duty series for three more years, starting with this years Modern Warfare 2.

Jim Ryan, who plays PlayStation, has criticized Xbox's Call of Duty offer, claiming that Microsoft has only promised to keep the series on PlayStation for three years beyond the current agreement with Activision

Following Spencer's previous remarks on the topic, this would be a far shorter time period of time exclusivity than many players were led to believe. The Xbox series' agreement on many levels was rejected on many levels, despite the Microsoft company declaring the same agreement was incompatible with typical gaming industry agreements.

It's easy to see the problem for both companies. If Xbox truly believes that console exclusivity will become less and less prevalent over time, it makes the most business sense to try and exploit a cash cow like CoD while it still can. It's obviously possible to make future CoD games only available on Xbox as well, but only getting a three-year guarantee is a big blow to the company.

If and when Activision Blizzard becomes a Microsoft property, it will most likely be able to do whatever it wants with the franchise. In a time when console wars seemed to be a thing of the past, it appears like they are about to get heated up once more.