Asmongold does not trust the World of Warcrafts ban system

Asmongold does not trust the World of Warcrafts ban system ...

The pre-release of World of Warcraft Classic's Wrath of the Lich King has been a source of frustration among players, especially when it comes to massive bans.

Staysafe posted a YouTube video yesterday that he tested out the theory, and the results may surprise some players.

Staysafe was sent offline for a short period, but was not necessarily banned. After a minute, he was able to return to the same character, although he quickly noticed that there was some extra stress on his account.

Staysafes' account was shut down because he was unable to type in text chats. He even received an email from Blizzard stating that his account would be suspended for a week due to abusive chat.

Asmongold, who has been the victim of numerous mass reports in the past, was all too familiar with the findings of the experiment. While watching it unfold on his stream, he even predicted everything that would happen before it happened.

It shows that Blizzard was lying whenever they said that it was not automated, he said. It is clearly automated. That's what it demonstrates. They were lying to us six years ago.

While some viewers playing devils advocate tried to make claims that the Staysafes character was not completely banned from WoW, Asmongold was not. By arguing that those still arguing automated bans exist were moving the flagpost, an experienced MMO influencer expressed a profound lack of trust in any ban system that operates in the manner shown in the Staysafes video.

I am adamantly against the system, whatever the system is, that they use for bans. Theyve already lied about two different aspects of it. Do you think I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that the bans themselves aren't automated?

The use of mass reports in an effort to impose bans has often been a source of contention among players, particularly within the WoW Classic community, and as is apparent from Asmon and Staysafes VODs, Blizzards latest attempts to address bans have been less than satisfactory for some players.