Nearly 20 years after its release, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory has dedicated servers

Nearly 20 years after its release, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory has dedicated servers ...

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, which was originally released in April 2002, has been given dedicated server support. Players will now be able to play the vanilla Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory experience online, across all three maps, with no mods and with relatively little ping.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, a multiplayer first-person shooter, was initially intended to be released as an expansion pack for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, although it was later released as its own game. The game faced several difficulties upon its release, including a bug in the single-player campaign that resulted in a delayed release.

When the Wolfenstein franchise was released on Steam, the game received its first update in over 20 years. Only a week later, the official Wolfenstein Twitter account revealed that the legacy has unexpectedly received dedicated servers to support the original, unmodified Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

id Software's developers have launched dedicated servers for four major regions, the United States, the EU, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Official servers will be named id Software Official Vanilla Server (Region) and will have uniform rules, including:

  • Game Type: Campaign
  • Max Players: 16 (Eight-vs-eight)
  • Friendly Fire: Yes
  • Punkbuster: No
  • Anti-Lag: Yes
  • Max Lives: Off
  • Weapon Restriction: Off

The new vanilla servers will allow veteran players to relive the launch day of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and provide a path for newcomers to the game.

id Software shocked its community by providing a lifeline to the still flourishing Wolfenstein community at a time when many developers prefer to discontinue dedicated servers for older titles.