Can Inkay be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Can Inkay be Shiny in Pokemon Go? ...

Evolution allows a Pokemon to enter a more powerful state, gaining access to abilities and abilities it wasn't accustomed to. However, some interesting methods must be utilized for some Pokemon to evolve.

Inkay, the Revolving Pokemon, was recently featured in a limited research day in Pokemon Go, where players were able to earn research tasks from PokeStops in order to encounter this strange Pokemon. Outside of specific events, Inkay has made it an extremely rare Pokemon to find.

Players may think they have the tools to transform Inkay into Malamar. However, there is still a task they must complete to obtain this powerful Dark-and-Psychic-type Pokemon in the main series titles. This is shown in the evolution screen as the word Evolve is written upside-down.

Can Inkay be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Inkay and Malamar have officially been added to Pokemon Go along with Inkay Limited Research Day, which includes a blue body, making both hypnotizing sights to those who see them. Shiny Malamar takes the color palette one step further by adding green tentacles to the original dark pink color.

Shiny Inkay's rarity has increased exponentially since the conclusion of this short event. Players will have to rely on luck to find the Revolving Pokemon in the wild, though no information is available at this time.