Uncharted Realms has 7.5 tables from All TFT sets

Uncharted Realms has 7.5 tables from All TFT sets ...

New traits, system improvements, and Draconic Augments have been included in the Teamfight Tactics Set 7.5 Dragonlands Uncharted Realms.

TFT Set 7.5 will include a number of updated traits as well as new ones for Astral, according to game designer Stephen Mortdog Mortimerat at the start of Dragonlands Uncharted Realms.

Draconic Augment Set 7.5 table

Over 100 new Draconic Augments have been added to Dragonlands Uncharted Realms, most of them previously known as Hextech Augments.

PercentageFirst Draconic ArmorySecond Draconic ArmoryThird Draconic Armory
10 percentSilverSilverGold
Two percentSilverSilverPrismatic
18 percentGoldSilverGold
Three percentGoldGoldPrismatic
Two percentGoldSilverPrismatic
Five percentPrismaticSilverGold
One percentPrismaticPrismaticPrismatic
One percentSilverPrismaticSilver
Two percentPrismaticGoldGold
Six percentGoldSilverSilver
Three percentSilverGoldPrismatic
20 percentGoldGoldGold
One percentPrismaticSilverPrismatic
One percentSilverPrismaticPrismatic
10 percentGoldPrismaticGold
One percentGoldPrismaticPrismatic
One percentPrismaticGoldPrismatic
Two percentGoldPrismaticSilver
One percentPrismaticPrismaticGold

At each of the three stages throughout a game, here are the total percentage rates of each tier.

Augment tierStage 2-1Stage 3-2Stage 4-2
Silver27 percent44 percentNine percent
Gold62 percent39 percent76 percent
Prismatic11 percent17 percent15 percent

Treasure, Order, and Chaos Dragon tables are set at Set 7.5.

During Set 7, the Treasure Dragon Armory was expanded, adding a Chaos and Order Treasure Dragon to the existing Treasure Dragon Armory. However, players must take all of the offerings once made.

Options that have Blank show that less is offered due to the power level of what is being offered. Consumable within the table equals either a Remover or a Reforger that is being offered. While Duper is Champion Duplicator, the new Order and Chaos Treasure Dragon armories have a 30 percent probability of appearing during a TFT game.

Percentage rateOptionOptionOptionOptionOption
30 percentComponentComponentFull itemFive to seven goldFive to seven gold
30 percentComponentComponentFull itemSeven to 10 goldConsumable
15 percentComponentComponentFull itemComponentConsumable
15 percentComponentComponentFull itemComponentFive to seven gold
Five percentComponentComponent10 goldSeven to 10 goldFive to seven gold
20 percentBlankComponentDuperComponentBlank
One percentComponentComponentComponentComponentComponent
.50 percentComponentComponentFull itemSeven to 10 goldConsumable
.20 percentConsumableFive to seven goldFull itemFive to seven goldLoaded Dice
.90 percentComponentComponentSpatulaSeven to 10 goldConsumable
.50 percentComponentComponentFull itemSpatulaFive to seven gold
.50 percentConsumableFull itemComponentFull itemConsumable
.20 percentBlank10 goldDuper10 goldBlank
.20 percent10 gold10 gold10 gold10 gold10 gold
.20 percentBlankFull itemFull itemFull itemBlank
.20 percentBlankTGTGTGBlank
.20 percentBlankSeven to 10 goldTactician CrownSeven to 10 goldBlank
.20 percentBlankLoaded DiceLoaded DiceLoaded DiceBlank
30 percentComponentComponentRadiant item5 to 7 goldRemover
30 percentComponentComponentRadiant item3 to 5 gold3 to 5 gold
15 percentComponentFull itemRadiant item3 to 5 goldRemover/Reforger
15 percentComponent7 to 10 goldRadiant item7 to 10 goldRemover
Five percentComponentComponentRadiant itemComponent3 to 5 gold
.50 pecentBlankDuplicatorRadiant itemRemover/ReforgerBlank
.50 pecentFull itemFull itemFull itemFull itemFull item
.50 pecentComponentFull itemRadiant itemLoaded Dice3 to 5 gold
.50 pecentBlank20 goldRadiant item20 goldBlank
.50 pecentComponentLoaded DiceRadiant itemLoaded DiceRemover/Reforger
.50 pecent3 to 5 goldComponentRadiant itemSpatula3 to 5 gold
.50 pecentRemover/ReforgerFull itemRadiant itemFull itemRemover/Reforger
.50 pecent20 gold20 gold20 gold20 gold20 gold
.20 percentBlankRadiant itemBlankRadiant itemBlank
.20 percentBlankDuplicator7 to 10 goldDuplicatorBlank
.20 percentBlankTGRascals GlovesTGBlank
.20 percentBlankComponentTacticians CrownComponentBlank
.20 percentFull itemLoaded DiceLoaded DiceLoaded DiceFull item
30 percentComponentFuil itemEmblem5 to 7 goldRemover/Reforger
20 percent3 to 5 goldComponentOrnn item3 to 5 goldRemover/Reforger
20 percentComponentFull item7 to 10 goldFull itemTarget Dummy
20 percent3 to 5 goldFull itemFull itemFull itemRemover/Reforger
Five percentComponentComponentSpatulaTarget DummyLoaded Dice
.50 percentBlankOrnn item3 to 5 goldOrnn item Blank
.50 percentChaliceZekes HeraldRanduins OmenLocket 3 to 5 gold
.50 percent3 to 5 gold DuplicatorEmblem 3 to 5 goldRemover/Reforger
.50 percentBlankOrnn item3 to 5 goldEmblemBlank
.50 percentBlank 3 to 5 gold Radiant item 3 to 5 goldRemover/Reforger
.50 percentFull itemDuplicatorTarget DummyLoaded DiceRemover/Reforger
.50 percent7 to 10 gold20 gold5 to 7 gold7 to 10 gold20 gold
.50 percent3 to 5 goldZzRot PortalRocket FistShroudComponent
.20 percentBlankTGOrnn itemTGBlank
.20 percentBlankDuplicatorBlankDuplicatorBlank
.20 percentFull itemTarget DummyTarget DummyTarget DummyFull item
.20 percentBlankComponentTacticians CrownSpatulaBlank
.20 percentBlankLoaded DiceDuplicatorLoaded DiceBlank

Set 7.5 Mirage Pirates Greed table

The TFT Set Seven Mirage trait allows for Pirates Greed. Loot increases at each breakpoint of 2/4/6/8, with better drops occurring at later breaks.

  • Two: Gain a deckhands chest (average gold of 1.6)
  • Four: Gain a lieutenants chest (average gold 4.02)
  • Six: gain a captains chest (average gold 6.87 and 25 percent chance for component)
  • Eight: Gain an admirals chest (average gold 13.5 and 30 percent chance for full item)
RewardGoldPercentLoot EV
One goldOne0.50
Two goldTwo0.36
Three goldThree0.10
Four goldFour0.02
RewardGoldPercentLoot EV
Three goldThree0.20
Four goldFour0.30
Loaded Dice0.05
Five goldFive0.25
RewardGoldPercentLoot EV
Six goldSix0.30
Champion Duplicator0.5
Full item0.10
Seven goldSeven 0.30
RewardGoldPercentLoot EV
Two components0.25
Full item0.05
Champion Duplicator and six gold0.10
Loaded Dice and six gold0.10
12 gold120.30

Astral trait Set 7.5 orbs

TFT Set 7.5 adds orbs after each combat round, based on the star level of Astral units on the board, and even an item component.

  • One gold: 30 percent
  • Two gold: Five percent
  • One Vladimir: 20 percent
  • One Nidalee: 20 percent
  • One Skarner: 20 percent
  • One Lux: Five percent
  • Two gold: 15 percent
  • One Vladimir and Nidalee: 15 percent
  • One Skarner and Vladimir: 15 percent
  • One Skarner and Nidalee: 10 percent
  • One Varus: 15 percent
  • One Lux and two gold: 15 percent
  • Three gold: 15 percent
  • Four gold: 30 percent
  • One item component: 15 percent
  • Five gold: 30 percent
  • One Lux and two gold: 15 percent
  • One Varus and two gold: 10 percent
  • Seven gold: 35 percent
  • Six gold: 35 percent
  • One item component: 30 percent
  • Eight gold: 25 percent
  • One full item: 25 percent
  • 10 gold: 15 percent
  • One Aurelion Sol: 10 percent
  • One item component and four gold: 25 percent

Lucky Gloves TFT Set 7.5 table

Lucky Gloves is a new TFT Set 7.5 Draconic Augment that allows you to obtain items from Thieves Gloves that match your model.

Update 7th of September, 2pm CT: All tables for TFT Set 7.5 have been updated for the Dragonlands Uncharted Realms release.