Destiny 2's Secrets of Conquest

Destiny 2's Secrets of Conquest ...

Destiny 2's endgame is largely made up of raids, especially when factoring in the Master-difficulty versions of them. Regardless of whether youre going through a lengthy raid or the new one, theres always plenty of loot waiting for you. And if you cant get raid loot due to weekly lockouts, you'll likely get Spoils of Conquest.

Spoils of Conquest are Bungies' way of rewarding players for raiding, and they can also grant players access to raid-exclusive loot, like the fastest (and most coveted) sparrow in the game, Always On Time, and the Anarchy Heavy grenade launcher, both dropped from the Scourge of the Past raid through the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower. Old raid Exotics cost 240 Spoils of Conquest, making them quite costly to obtain.

With a price of 20 Spoils of Conquest per weapon, players may also reroll any weapon theyve already acquired in the hopes of getting more benefits. Additionally, the first weapon purchase every week on both Vow of the Disciple and Kings Fall guarantees a Deepsight (red-border) weapon.

Total of 960 Spoils of Conquest can be held on your inventory (the amount required to obtain old raid weapons), plus another 240 on your Postmasters for each character, and here's how you can obtain them in Destiny 2 and the best way to boost your weapons.

How to get Spoils of Conquest in Destiny 2

Spoils of Conquest are only available when you raid a raid. They are only obtained when you repeat encounters or open secret chests, and they are awarded on a per-character basis. For the latest raid, Kings Fall in Season of Plunder, youll receive three or five Spoils of Conquest each time you open a secret chest, while other raids will give you three.

The first time you open the chests on a character every week, you'll only get Spoils of Conquest (and loot) but there's still some motivation to continue doing raids after the weekly lockout. If youre doing the pinnacle raid, however, subsequent clears will drop five Spoils of Conquest (and loot).

If you defeated Golgoroth on your Warlock this week, and you defeat the Ogre again on the same character, you will get five Spoils. However, the chest at the end of the encounter will still award you raid loot as usual. The same principle applies to other encounters on Kings Fall and the rest of the raids, though anything older than Kings Fall will give you three Spoils of Conquest instead of five.

In Destiny 2, what are the greatest Spoils of Conquest farms?

If youre looking to farm Spoils of Conquest quickly, your best bet is to find a quick encounter in the Pinnacle raid to complete over and over again. Fortunately for players, Kings Fall has the best Spoils of Conquest farm in the game, the Daughters of Oryx encounter.

The Daughters encounter is the best Spoils of Conquest farm in Destiny 2, because it's short enough to be completed by a competent fireteam in three or four minutes, and it'll give you five Spoils of Conquest for your troubles. Between the time it takes for a player to complete the checkpoint and then return, the squad should earn five or six Spoils of Conquest (with a margin of error on either side when accounting for the actual encounter and possible loading screen timers).

Once the team is set, the checkpoint holder must swap characters in order to maintain the checkpoint. However, loading into a different location in the raid will reset the checkpoint.

Although players may still farm Templar, it hasn't been the best Spoils of Conquest farm for a long time. The advent of Vow of the Disciple has eliminated the Vault of Glass as the Pinnacle raid, making it easier to farm Spoils thanks to the release of Kings Fall.