Vitality and Kingston FURY have entered a multi-year partnership

Vitality and Kingston FURY have entered a multi-year partnership ...

Team Vitality, a French esports organization, has announced a multi-year partnership with Kingston FURY, a technology company.

The new multi-year partnership will equip Vitalitys players with Kingston FURY SSD and RAM to enhance their everyday performance and training. This part of the contract will extend to all Vitalitys facilities, including the V.Hive, the Stade de France, and the Berlin performance centers, similar to Kingston FURYs' agreement with G2 Esports back in January.

Exclusive social media content that focuses on the CS:GO division of the organization will be included in the deal, as well as future sweepstakes for fans.

Kingston is very pleased to announce their involvement with Team Vitality, as the first French esports club to go a long way since 2013, becoming one of the leading esports clubs in Europe, according to Robert Allen, the marketing director of Kingston EMEA. With our performance DRAM and SSD upgrades in the V.Hive, we look forward to enabling players to unleash their FURY in high-level competition.

The transaction also falls within a long line of Vitality partnerships that emphasizes endangered products in order to provide players with the best equipment for optimal performance.

Nicolas Maurer, Vitality's CEO and co-founder, said it's a real pleasure to work with a company that has a rich esports heritage. For years, Kingston has used its cutting-edge technology to improve teams' performances to the next level, and we couldn't be happier to have the chance to work alongside them.

Vitality is currently competing in six esports titles across Europe, as well as a Indian Call of Duty Mobile lineup. The CS:GO team is preparing for the IEM Road to Rio 2022: European RMR B tournament with hopes of securing a spot at the IEM Rio Major on October 4 to 9.