In a convincing victory to bring ZETA home from VCT Champions 2022, Aspas rises up for LOUD

In a convincing victory to bring ZETA home from VCT Champions 2022, Aspas rises up for LOUD ...

Two trailblazers from their regions were set to face off for the final playoff spot from Group B after Paper Rex was sent home earlier today in the Group A decider match at VCT Champions 2022.

ZETA DIVISION and LOUD have been pioneers of VALORANT in Japan and Brazil, and have gotten to the top of the tournament with some of the most dedicated fans. In one of the opening matches of Champions, LOUD won easy.

So far in the group stage, there has been a clear regional divide between the teams that have performed well and those who have failed. The teams from EMEA and APAC are both weak, with EMEA losing just a fraction of their previous dominance. In contrast, the teams from the Americas are stronger than ever.

This trend continued today with a 2-1 victory over ZETA, advancing to the playoffs. Korea's DRX is the only Asian team left in the tournament.

The team immediately became locked in a double-duelist composition following the ZETAs map choice of Bind in the VCT last year. These types of compositions were popular with aggressive teams early on in the VCT last year, but most meta choices have featured two controllers or two sentinels instead.

The scoreline at the half was fairly even at 7-5. ZETA started to struggle with the pistol and the following round as LOUD had the upper hand in the rifle rounds. It was clear that the team had a plan to exploit the two duelists effectively.

The Op shots! @Dep_ow | #VALORANTChampions

Aspas stepped up over and over for LOUD, easily defeating TENNN in the Raze head-to-head. Though ZETA kept up a fight in a much closer map than the previous time these two teams played, LOUD took Bind 13-11.

As the climb continued, LOUD stayed strong throughout the pistol round, only taking one round at a time. This time, however, the scoreline seemed much less close.

He's making it appear so easy! @loud_aspas | #VALORANTChampions

Aspas took over the lobby once more. ZETA were unable to win even one attack-sided round due to the flashiness of the Brazilian duelist player. The game was 2-0.

The Brazilian teams' constant thorn in their side has been NAs OpTic, although they have been consistent against most other teams. In the post-match interview, aspas spoke highly of LOUDs next opponent, Leviatan, saying their aggressive strategies were interesting and the team is looking forward to their first playoff match.

To kick off the playoff stage of the tournament, LOUD will face Leviatan on September 9 at 9am CT.