Destiny 2's Pizzicato-22 god roll and the best perks

Destiny 2's Pizzicato-22 god roll and the best perks ...

Any new 900 RPM submachine gun in the kinetic slot was bound to turn heads in Season of Plunder, including the Pizzicato-22, a world drop weapon from the Suros foundry.

The incredible range that Multimach was able to achieve with the Iron Reach reward is impossible to match for other weapons of this calibre, yet the Pizzicato-22 offers high range on top of no sacrifices to the stability. The ideal PvP god roll will still fall short of the maximum falloff range that Multimach might have, but it has both a faster base reload speed for dueling and a higher base stability to work with.

The Pizzicato-22 submachine gun is a great alternative for players who want a more balanced shooting experience when combined with Rangefinder and Perpetual Motion. This additional feature helps with reloading the weapon.

The Pizzicato-22's vast perk pool allows for a variety of weapons to make an excellent PvE weapon. Its lack of craftability and its existence as a world drop leave something to be desired when seeking a god roll, but enough Umbral Engram decoding should secure you a great roll.

If you're on the lookout for such a Roll of the Pizzicato-22 in Destiny 2, here are our top recommendations for god rolls, as well as the best perks in its pool beyond themthat you should strive to in both pantheons of content.

Destiny 2's Pizzicato-22 god roll and the best bonuses

  • Barrel: Corkscrew Rifling (Honorable mention: Hammer-Forged Rifling)
  • Magazine: High-Caliber Rounds (Honorable mention: Ricochet Rounds)
  • First perk: Perpetual Motion
  • Second perk: Rangefinder
  • Barrel: Corkscrew Rifling
  • Magazine: Armor-Piercing Rounds
  • First perk: Ambitious Assassin
  • Second perk: Multikill Clip

Building a perfect PvP roll, as with any submachine gun of choice in the current Crucible meta, requires a lot of attention to its range. Although the majority of ranges are non-starter, a few extra meters of range can get the Pizzicato-22 operating with a roughly 22-meter falloff range.

The choice of a god roll for PvE is significantly flexible, since it's entirely dependent on the playstyle you're trying to enhance. Demolitionist and Pugilist can make up for lackluster ability cooldowns, and Multikill Clip is a more traditional damage-buffing option. With drops of the submachine gun so hard to acquire, this flexibility is a boon.

Players are certainly spoilt with choices with seven benefits in both columns, even if some of the benefits are much less glamorous.

Perpetual Motion has quickly become a regular feature of many PvP weapons, allowing for significant increases in stability, handling, and reload speed for the simple act of continuously moving for a number of seconds. Perpetual Motion fits perfectly with the way Pizzicato-22 operates.

Ambitious Assassin was specifically designed to work with Multikill Clip on this weapon, with both abilities requiring a refresher after getting a set of quick kills just prior to the game. Overflowing a magazine that will also be enhanced with bonus damage is a recipe for catastrophe in most PvE content featuring large swaths of low-level combatants.

Mulligan has been a classic inclusion in rapid-fire weapons such as the Pizzicato-22 because of how easily many bullets can travel, but whether or not it is worth the investment in terms of weapon selection is down to player preference.

Hip-Fire Grip provides nice stat bonuses, but, as the name implies, requires only using Pizzicato-22 without aiming down sights to benefit. This may be a good trade for many players, but for this weapon specifically, Hip-Fire Grip feels like a weak alternative to Perpetual Motion.

In the face of low costs and high rewards, Perpetual Motion and Ambitious Assassins are difficult to recommend bolstering around them. Fragile Focus does have PvP potential, providing a boost of 20 range as long as the player remains unharmed, but the knowledge that the perk is non-functional does not keep it from becoming an icon.

Ensemble has traditionally excelled at boss damage weapons, such as sniper rifles and linear fusion rifles, which makes its presence here on a submachine gun a bit tricky to reckon with. The opportunities where you will be close enough to allies in the majority of content to benefit from it are few and far between. There are far simpler methods for accomplishing this, such as Perpetual Motion in the same column.

The Rangefinder is a little underrated as a bonus because it can be difficult to notice its effects in moment-to-moment gameplay. However, the improvements to the Pizzicato-22s aim assist specifically act as minor but essential improvements to the feel of the submachine gun in most PvP matches.

Multikill Clip and Swashbuckler can be extremely powerful depending on your build, but Multikill Clip is hampered by the fact that it is also able to combine with it in the first column, making it the easiest of the two to recommend for most players.

The presence of Pugilist and Demolitionists here will be an ideal fit for players who prefer to keep their primary weapon for utility. Boosting abilities by adding damage perks is a tempting route to take, especially since they already have a decent amount of power.

Osmosis may not be the first choice of reward for many players, but its utility cannot be overstated. With many Aspects and Fragments of both Stasis and the Light subclasses that require weapons that match the elemental type to work best, Osmosis gives players the opportunity to transform their kinetic weapon into a similar weapon.

This may allow Pizzicato-22 to obtain Volatile Rounds on Void, generate Elemental Wells, and benefit from the Font of Might mod's damage boost. The 10 percent damage bonus that kinetic weapons normally benefit from may be lost in the process, but the rewards are often worthwhile.

Threat Detector isnt a bad perk by any means, but it fails in the face of its competition in this specific weapon's perk columnPerpetual Motion or Hip-Fire Grip arent competing with Multikill Clip or ability generation perks for their spots. The advantages do not outweigh the chances you'll miss out on if you combine them with something like Hip-Fire Grip or Perpetual Motion.