Is Roggenrola a Shiny Pokémon Go Character?

Is Roggenrola a Shiny Pokémon Go Character? ...

The main aim of players in Pokemon Go is to discover whatever animals they may discover on their journeys. However, fans also enjoy the added challenge of catching Shiny versions of their favorite Pokemon species, which are extremely rare but do not offer any sort of stat boost.

However, there are limitations to obtaining these special versions of the creatures. When new Pokemon are added to the game, they are in a state known as Shiny Locked, which means even if their Shiny versions are present in the games code, players will not be able to obtain them until they are ready during a special event.

Roggenrola is a fifth-generation Pokemon that was first introduced to Pokemon Go over two years ago. It's a Shiny version that players may not notice until they discover it. In addition to the usual symbols, it's a Shiny Pokemon.

Can Roggenrola be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

When Roggenrola was first introduced to Pokemon Go in January 2020, it took Niantic just seven months to release it during the Unova Week event on August 14, 2020. It is now possible to see it in the game.

Roggenrola's Shiny version is easily recognisable in all capture methods, such as the traditional encounter in the wild, but also from hatching eggs or raids.

How to find Shiny Roggenrola in Pokemon Go?

The upcoming Community Day, which will take place on September 18 from 2pm to 5pm local time, is a great opportunity for newcomers to Roggenrola.

Roggenrola will appear more frequently in the wild during the event, with a significantly greater likelihood of becoming a Shiny version. During the event or up to five hours later, all players who develop a Boldore (Roggenrolas evolution) will get a Gigalith that knows the charged attack Meteor Beam.

Players who play during event hours will receive many other bonuses, and more information can be found here.