Fuslie talks about fakeing her final Twitch stream in order to conceal her move to YouTube

Fuslie talks about fakeing her final Twitch stream in order to conceal her move to YouTube ...

Many content creators who leave Twitch for YouTubenone more than Fuslie have found that switching streaming platforms to be an emotional experience.

Fuslie had an extremely moving ending to a Twitch stream prior to her announcement that she would be joining YouTube. Many assumed it was her final stream on the platform and that she would be moving.

The 29-year-old content creator admitted that the emotional outburst was a distraction tactic.

Fans may take 16 minutes to hear her full explanation. She talked about her strategy for about six minutes.

Fuslie said: I definitely got you guys. Everyone here is saying the jebait didn't work, but I got you guys. I got you guys good.

Even though she was attempting to deceive her followers into thinking that she would stick on Twitch, she went on to declare that the crying she made during her overly nostalgic stream was real.

I needed to do this jebait for a variety of reasons, according to the woman. It's not that I just wanted to do it for fun.

Fuslie studied the final streams of other streamers who made the transition from Twitch to YouTube recently. She noted that she was impressed by people like Ludwig and Myth's commitment when signing off for the final time, and the LilyPichus stream celebrating ten years at Twitch was an unexpected surprise.

Fuslie admitted to a leak that made many believe she had dropped out of Twitch in the last year. Unexpectedly having her email on stream, Fuslie discovered an email title that mentioned YouTube and confidential information.

However, she said that while that tweet was a bad look, she hadnt at that point decided to go with YouTube rather than Twitch. That email was certainly early on in the process of her considering her options, but it ultimately weighed heavily on her ability to approach YouTube with a sense of surprise.

Fuslie created a method for a phony final stream in which she could be emotional. By having a stream that included crying and nostalgia before her final day on Twitch, she had an opportunity to be open about her feelings without really showing her hand.

She said it was mainly selfish. I didnt think I would be able to pull it off, without giving it away. Nobody who has moved has said it was their last stream, and I dont think I can or cant keep a secret like that. Hopefully it enlightened some of you guys a bit.