Purplecliffe blasts Twitch after leaving, claiming that Twitch does not care about their creators

Purplecliffe blasts Twitch after leaving, claiming that Twitch does not care about their creators ...

Purplecliffe, a Pokemon streamer, expressed his displeasure with Twitch today, claiming that contract disputes and poor negotiations on the side of the streaming giant prevented him from switching to YouTube sooner.

Purplecliffe stated that he would leave Twitch for YouTube in December 2021. YouTube denied him a contract. His conclusion was largely influenced by the bad relationship the two parties had developed throughout his tenure on Twitch. He cited rampant hate raids, poor discoverability, inconsistent bans, and more.

Purplecliffe claims that Twitch prevented him from moving immediately to YouTube due to a strict exclusionary clause, and that the livestreamer had automatically renewed his Purplecliffes contract for an entire year. After confirming his decision, Twitch informed Purplecliffe of the recent enhancement that allows Twitch partners to broadcast live content on other platforms.

Purplecliffe was surprised that Twitch waited ten months before resolving the contract as requested, and that the website did not deny that the Twitch partnership would be terminated as requested. The creator also raised the concern that Twitch was still making money off of subscribers who did not cancel their subscriptions to PurpleCliffes' Twitch channel, according to a study that the website made roughly $3,000 off viewers from December 22, 2021 to September 7, 2022.

Purplecliffe said she doesn't want to be apologetic from Twitch again. I want to be unpartnered from their website so that they can stop taking money from my subscribers, and they can stop making money from me. People on YouTube are so nicer. Over here on Twitch, my partner manager ignored me, and everything.

Purplecliffe used to donate his share of the profits from December 2021 to September 7th, as he did with his part of the profits. Twitch has yet to respond to Purplecliffe and his channel is still connected on the platform.