In Destiny 2, how do I complete Cryptic Quatrains III?

In Destiny 2, how do I complete Cryptic Quatrains III? ...

The Cryptic Quatrains quest line extends Destiny 2's Season of Plunder to the max, bringing players on a scavenger hunt across playable locations.

Cryptic Quatrains III is the most expensive quest line in terms of treasure and the Charge of Light sparrow. Some of the clues can make you scratch your head trying to remember exactly what the stream that connects to its mother is or where the vessel that points to the sea is located.

In Destiny 2, how do you complete Cryptic Quatrains III?

  • Still not dead, as I dreamed: Points towards the European Dead Zone.
  • Me treasure not sunken, not lost in the deep?: Sunken Isles, on the northern part of the map. Lost indicates its a Lost Sector.
  • Theyd caught not their quarry, I would be redeemed: The Quarry Lost Sector on Sunken Isles.
  • And bury me knife in their chests while they sleep: The chest at the end of the Lost Sector.

Youll need to go to the Quarry Lost Sector on the Sunken Isles to get the next clue. Loot the chest at the end of the Lost Sector.

  • I waded ashore after crashin their ship
  • Me takin their treasure theyd never forgive
  • Me exodus doubtless curled many a lip: The Exodus Crash strike in Nessus
  • Id make them forget I had one life to live: Complete the Strike flawlessly

You must complete the Exodus Crash Strike in Nessus without dying. You may launch the Exodus Crash Strike directly from the Nessus node in your map, even if you've just joined a Strike yet.

  • They cursed as their catch crashed away through the trees: Complete a Ketchcrash activity
  • I moved as if lightnin did arc through me bones: Use an Arc subclass
  • I felt like the maker had answered my pleas
  • While handywith cannons, they left em back home: Equip a hand cannon

Youll need to complete a Ketchcrash mission with both an Arc subclass and a hand cannon for this step, although keep in mind the Master version locks your equipment. Youll be given the next puzzle as soon as you complete the activity and fulfill the requirements.

  • Alone with me atlas and treasure at last: Use the Captains Atlas
  • I use me crude dagger to cut out a code
  • This cipher Ill place where its held safe and fast
  • Two beacons will guide you if treasure youre owed: Use the Crude Ciphers youve obtained from Cryptic Quatrains I and II

Youll need to open up the Captains Atlas and insert the Crude Ciphers from Cryptic Quatrains. This will open up a hidden compartment and provide you with another clue. Try to remember the meaning of three Eliksni Ciphers by hovering over them to see if they are correct:

  • I crept out at dusk, left me treasure behind: The House of Dusk glyph goes on the left
  • And found me old crew and the captain as well
  • Im light with a blade and me right hands unkind: The House of Light sigil goes on the right
  • Theyll find their salvation dead-center in hell: The House Salvation symbol goes in the middle

Doing so will give you an additional hint, this time to the Cosmodrome.

  • The cosmo had set me ashore, I was free: A shore in the Cosmodrome
  • Forgotten at last, me heart empty of hate: The Cosmodromes Forgotten Shore
  • On the deck of the vessel that pointed to sea: A ship that beached towards the shore
  • I leaned on the mast and awaited me fate

The beached ship in question is the one leading to the Veles Labyrinth's Lost Sector. Head to the Forgotten Shore on the east side of the Cosmodrome, then look for the ship with the Lost Sector icon on it. Head towards the mast and find the treasure to unlock the last clue.

Final step and treasure location

The last clue is easily the most cryptic part of all of the Cryptic Quatrains quests.

  • I took all I had, placed it safe in a cave: One of the many caves in the Cosmodrome
  • Where stream joins its mother by pillars of three: A river that flows into another in the Cosmodrome
  • Its yours if you like, for youre clever and brave
  • You may find me treasure but never find me

The stream in question is the elusive stream that flows from the Steppes into the Forgotten Shore, where it rejoins another river, which is the easiest way to get there by landing on the Steppes and following the route that leads to the Forgotten Shore, which will take you straight into the cave where the stream meets its mother via three pillars.

The three pillars will appear shortly after you enter the Forgotten Shore if you have been going from the Steppes. If you have done an Expedition in the Cosmodrome, you'll also notice this is the area with the second Mining Lander, which may help guide you.

After finding the cave, go inside and dig the treasure to unlock the Charge of Light sparrow as well as a few seasonal drops for your troubles. This is the end of the Cryptic Quatrains quest line, so there appears to be no other Exotic outside of Delicate Tomb and Touch of Malice.