FIFA 23: How to Avoid an Opponent Celebration

FIFA 23: How to Avoid an Opponent Celebration ...

FIFA is as much about achieving your goals on the field as it is about displaying your skill against your opponents. Few things in FIFA 23 are more enrageing if you see it used against you.

Celebrations have been a part of the series for years now, with the later installments allowing players to personalize the celebrations they can perform or control. FIFA 23 will be no exception, with returning events that are fan favorites as well as new ones that will be introduced into the game, such as The Griddy.

FIFA 23 will give you a way to skip through those celebration videos.

When you play FIFA, you want to avoid the rage of quitting and instead focus on keeping your mental game sharp? Follow these simple steps to avoid celebrations.

Skipping opponent celebrations in FIFA 23

The first thing you need to do in order to avoid seeing an opponent celebrating against you is to pause the game and open the Settings menu. Once youve opened the settings, youll want to go to the Visual Settings tab.

When youve got to Visual Settings, youll need to change two options. The first is to turn off Hold to Skip and the second is to enable the camera to focus on your team while your opponent is celebrating. Sure, the players on your squad will be ecstatic or irritated at getting scored on. But at least they're watching them and not watching their opponent do a chicken dance.

You should no longer see your opponents celebrations once you have completed these steps.