Overwatch League Summer Showdown 2022 breakdown: Teams, Schedule, and Format

Overwatch League Summer Showdown 2022 breakdown: Teams, Schedule, and Format ...

With the second tournament in the Overwatch League, the Summer Showdown, teams from East and West regions will travel to the Great North for this years second LAN tournament, held in Toronto, Canada. The tournament is wide open for all teams heading across the border.

The Summer Showdown holds more weight considering the impending reality of postseason math. This will be the last full tournament of the 2022 season. Although the next cycle is the Countdown Cup, those qualifier matches will serve as a setup to the playoffs rather than as a standalone bracket.

Teams must fight harder than they have ever fought before to reach the top echelon of each region. The Summer Showdown is guaranteed to be as intense as it is entertaining.

Tournament format

The Summer Showdown is composed of two entirely separate regional double-elimination brackets, like the Kickoff Clash tournament in June. Teams are permitted one loss, which puts them in the lower bracket, before they are completely eliminated from the tournament.

The matches will look a lot like the ones in the Summer Showdown qualifiers, with the tournament running on the same Overwatch League-specific patch of Overwatch 2 and with the same map pool. The only difference is in the selection of maps and, for some matches, the number of wins required to win the trophy.

The highest seed in each series will select the first map. After that, the losing team selects the next map in the series, giving them a slight advantage if they play their cards correctly. The grand finals in each region will be a first-to-four series on September 11th.

The West Regions champion will earn $75,000 and, perhaps more importantly, three League Points. These League Points can impact qualification and seeding heading into the playoffs. The entire prize pool can be found on the tournaments' home page.

Participating teams

The Shanghai Dragons are finally resurrecting their 2021 championship form after a perfect 6-0 record in qualifying. In the first round, they will face the Guangzhou Charge, who are headed to the tournament with a 4-2 record.

The Seoul Dynasty, who won the Kickoff Clash back in June, is looking to add another legend to their wall of fame. They will face the Philadelphia Fusion, who barely advanced to the tournament due to a map differential.

The big issue for the West Region isn't whether or not the teams made it to Toronto, but whether or not they didn't. The Los Angeles Gladiators won the Kickoff Clash and the global trophy in the Midseason Madness tournament, but they won't be participating in the Summer Showdown. The addition of Junker Queen and a rare failure to adapt led to a dismal 2-4 qualifier record for other teams.

The Dallas Fuel and the San Francisco Shock are the top two teams in the Summer Showdown, both of which have been battling for the first seed in the West Region. San Francisco are hoping to prove that they can handle the pressure when it comes to qualifiers.

The Houston Outlaws and the home team, the Toronto Defiant, clinched the next two highest seeds, thanks to clutch play from the teams DPS and Toronto, who were inspired by the idea of a rousing home crowd at the Summer Showdown.

The rest of the teams in the Summer Showdown are all coming in with dead even 3-3 qualifier records. The London Spitfire and the Vancouver Titans are the biggest wild cards and biggest threats to their higher-seed opponents. Vancouver have evolved from a meme team to a real contender with a head coach and mindset change.

The Washington Justice have gotten a boost in the Summer Showdown qualifiers thanks to their wild hero selections that are based on Junker Queen. In a similar, bizarre manner, the Washington Justice have actually performed better after losing several players and handing its sixth roster spot to a staff member.

The #OWL2022 Summer Showdown bracket is locked, and we're officially in Toronto. Which team are you cheering for? http://y.twitter.com/y80P81HJPS

Summer Showdown schedule

On September 8, the first-seeded Dallas Fuel will face the Washington Justice at 1pm CT, so prepare your day accordingly.

On September 9, the East Region matches begin at 5am CT, with the Shanghai Dragons facing off against the Guangzhou Charge. The Seoul Dynasty and Philadelphia Fusion will clash immediately following.

  • 5am CT: Shanghai Dragons vs. Guangzhou Charge
  • 6:30am CT: Seoul Dynasty vs. Philadelphia Fusion
  • 5am CT: TBD vs. TBD (Lower bracket, elimination match)
  • 6:30am CT: TBD vs. TBD (Upper bracket semifinals)
  • 5am CT: TBD vs. TBD (Lower bracket finals)
  • 6:30am CT: Grand Finals
  • 1pm CT: Dallas Fuel vs. Washington Justice
  • 2:30pm CT: London Spitfire vs. Toronto Defiant
  • 4pm CT: San Francisco Shock vs. Vancouver Titans
  • 5:30pm CT: Houston Outlaws vs. Florida Mayhem
  • 1pm CT: TBD vs. TBD (Upper bracket)
  • 2:30 pm CT: TBD vs. TBD (Upper bracket)
  • 4pm CT: TBD vs. TBD (Lower bracket, elimination match)
  • 5:30pm CT: TBD vs. TBD (Lower bracket, elimination match)
  • 1pm CT: TBD vs. TBD (Lower bracket, elimination match)
  • 2:30pm CT: TBD vs. TBD (Lower bracket, elimination match)
  • 4pm CT: TBD vs. TBD (Upper bracket semifinals)
  • 5:30 pm CT: TBD vs. TBD (Lower bracket, elimination match)
  • 1pm CT: TBD vs. TBD (Lower bracket semifinals)
  • 2:30pm CT: Grand finals