NBA 2k23 will take up how much storage space?

NBA 2k23 will take up how much storage space? ...

NBA 2K23 is almost here, and fans around the world are preloading the game and waiting for the unlock times. Players will need to ensure that they have enough space on their console or PC for a smooth installation. It's generally advised to preload NBA 2K23 so players may get right into the action when the game goes live on Sept. 9.

Considering that games have only increased in size over the years, you may need to delete a game or two to make room for NBA 2K23, especially on Xbox Series X|S and PS5. Game designers were able to push their limits when it came to graphical features.

NBA 2K23's download sizes are shown on all of its available platforms.

NBA 2K23 download size

  • PlayStation 5: 142GB
  • PlayStation 4: 47GB
  • Xbox Series X|S: 152GB
  • Xbox One: 40-50GB
  • PC: 110GB
  • Nintendo Switch: 49.5GB

You may also upgrade your storage to keep up with game sizes. While upgrading your storage can be a difficult task on PlayStation and Xbox, its as simple as purchasing an SD Card for the Nintendo Switch.

NBA 2K23 includes a slew of new features, from shot meters to the upgraded pro stick. Players can expect a more fluid and realistic gameplay experience than last year.