Destiny 2's best gold shaders

Destiny 2's best gold shaders ...

The Destiny 2 community has come together once more in an effort to help one of their own: a father requested that the Destiny 2 player base go gold in September in recognition of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and his late daughter.

The message from the father, a player called Shawn Patrick Lafferty, to a Facebook group requesting him to make his daughter to cancer two years ago, went viral. He said how wonderful he thought it would be to see a Tower full of Guardians dressed in gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Its a request he's made to the group every year for years, but this time the idea was quick to get noticed by the wider Destiny 2 community.

Many stylish Guardians face a new challenge as they sift through the catalog of available shaders and try to find one that suits their outfits both form-fitting and stylish. Due to the way that shaders attach to different materials, results can vary between different armor pieces.

The value of gold is rooted in its symbolic value as well as in its ability to demonstrate a good cause with a simple gesture. However, these are some of Destiny 2's finest gold shaders.

The best Gold Shaders in Destiny 2

The previous set of shaders provided a solid foundation for a golden appearance, but they can also serve as complementary colors for individual armor pieces. For example, combining the gold of your outfit with a few designated items like the arms or legs that instead utilize a different primary color such as white or black, can make a huge difference in your final appearance.