Destiny 2's Roar of the Bear god rolls and the greatest bonuses

Destiny 2's Roar of the Bear god rolls and the greatest bonuses ...

With the return of Iron Banner, one of Destiny 2's most well-known Legendary rocket launchers is back and better than ever. The returning rocket launcher is equipped with the Skulking Wolf basic origin trait, which increases your radar and removes you from enemy radar after receiving finishing blows at low health.

The Roar of the Bear also has the Legendary intrinsic trait High-Impact Frame, which increases its damage output at the cost of its fire rate. It may fire slower, but the bigger boom is definitely worth it, as shown in its 90 blast radius stat vs. 37 velocity.

Lord Saladin can earn Roar of the Bear points by playing Iron Banner matches.

Destiny 2's Roar of the Bear god roll and its finest bonuses

  • Barrel: Quick Launch, or Linear Compensator
  • Magazine: High-Velocity Rounds
  • First trait/perk: Impulse Amplifier
  • Second trait/perk: Vorpal Weapon, or Cluster Bomb

The objective of the best god roll for Roar of the Bear is definitely to increase the weapon's velocity without sacrificing its already impressive abilities such as blast radius and handling. Quick Launch improves both velocity and handling, but Linear Compensator is a good choice too if you want to increase the launchers' blast radius.

High-Velocity Rounds and Impulse Amplifier both improve speed and reload speed, allowing you to significantly improve the weapons extended fire rate. Vorpal Weapon is the essential trait choice for any PvE heavy weapon, improving damage against bosses, vehicles, and Guardians, but Cluster Bomb is also a great damage-improving option.

The higher damage, velocity, and reload speed make the above god roll ideal in PvE or PvP scenarios.