NBA 2K23 Early Access: Can you play NBA 2K23 early?

NBA 2K23 Early Access: Can you play NBA 2K23 early? ...

The NBA 2K23 is the next sports title to get its annual refresh, and this time of the year, enthusiasts will be able to download it before it's released.

To avoid dealing with overburdened servers, it's a smart move to download NBA 2K23 before the launch.

With multiple versions, NBA 2K23 takes its place on physical and digital shelves. While the base game is often the most popular among players, other Editions like Dreamer include additional features.

The purchase of one of the premium packages gives players early access to the championships in other sports franchises, and fans are wondering if NBA 2k23 is the same.

Can you play NBA 2K23 early via early access?

NBA 2K23 is not available early, irrespective of your bundle. Unlike other sports titles, the NBA 2K franchise does not provide early access.

If you have purchased one of the premium bundles, youll need to wait till September 9 to play NBA 2K23.

Although 2K games haven't specified an official release date, the game usually launches in the early hours of September 9 on players local time. It may even launch earlier occasionally, so it might be a good idea to check that play button hourly close to the release date.

You should be able to launch the game and begin your journey in your preferred NBA 2K23 mode when the game is released for your region.