Sunny Meadows, Phasmophobia's new map, is available for the first time

Sunny Meadows, Phasmophobia's new map, is available for the first time ...

Due to its spooky nature and innovative features, Phasmophobia took over gaming in Fall 2020. The game has continued to receive dedicated development from the developers. Every few months Kinetic Games releases a new patch that changes things and introduces new content for the players.

Kinetic has given an inside look at its new map, which will be released on Tuesday, Sept. 27.

Phasmophobia players get a quick look inside a mental hospital, according to the trailer. Each of these locations might be haunted by previous patients, making each one more dangerous than the previous.

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Sunny Meadows' standard halls are shown before being reduced to some form of dimly lit chapel in the teased trailer. There's also an outside area where snow is falling and bloody medical rooms that look like they're only used for surgery.

This is likely to be one of Kinetic Games' most extensive maps to date.

Players will be able to select their own difficulty when dealing with a large number of options in this new update. Players will be able to modify these settings to the finest detail, ensuring that their session runs on their terms.

When Kinetic Games released the new Phasmophobia roadmap, this feature was supposed to be released earlier this year.

The update will also include Camp Woodwind, a new version of the Campsite that gives a kind of summer camp feel. There are also a number of other improvements that are not listed in the teaser, including:

  • New Main Menu
  • New Lobby Room
  • New Shop
  • Equipment Loadouts
  • Ghost Adjustments
  • ID Cards
  • Collectables
  • Report System
  • New Fuse Box
  • Player Stats
  • New Interactions
  • New Sounds

The new Phasmophobia teaser concludes by stating that there will be much more to come as well, including a title card and the game's release date for Tuesday, September 27.