FIFA 23 FUT Moments: How Does It Work, Stories, Stars, Rewards, and Everything We Know

FIFA 23 FUT Moments: How Does It Work, Stories, Stars, Rewards, and Everything We Know ...

FIFA 23 will launch its official website on September 30, but lucky fans were able to see all of EA's latest products before the games' release in itsbeta.

During the beta, players got to try out all the new features and changes inFIFA 23. TheFIFAUltimate Team (FUT) is the most popular game mode in the game, and any changes to the game will generally attract attention.

FUT Moments is a new feature to the Ultimate Team experience, and is expected to become an incremental component of the game when it comes to improving rosters.

What is FUT Moments?

In the Ultimate Team, FUT Moments is a single-player game mode.

The game mode has short in-game scenarios that players are invited to complete with their player of choice.

When players complete a FUT Moment, they receive Stars. Stars are a new currency inFIFA 23, which can be used to purchase Packs and other items in the game.

Play FUT Moments via Stories inFIFA23

To start playing FUT Moments, players will need to choose a Story. The Stories consist of in-game scenarios, Moments, that are organized into chapters. Some stories may require players to complete several tasks at a time. Others may require them to think outside the box.

More stories will be added to the game even if you finish all of the FUT Moments. Some of the stories will be inspired by real-life events, such as famous goals or assists.

When players start playing a Moment, they will be presented with challenges that theyll need to complete in order to earn FUT Stars. If you want to earn FUT Stars from every moment, youll need to make sure to complete those challenges.

What are Stars inFIFA 23?

Stars are a new in-game currency inFIFA 23 that may be used to purchase packs or other items. Stars may be earned by successfully accomplishing FUT Moments challenges. Players may earn more of them if they complete specific tasks correctly.