JiDions' latest YouTube stunt resulted in his being kicked out of the United States Open tennis quarterfinals

JiDions' latest YouTube stunt resulted in his being kicked out of the United States Open tennis quar ...

Jidion Adams has penned a number of hilarious YouTube jokes over the years, some of which involve wearing haircuts in unexpected locations, such as during a quiet college lecture or during live NBA games.

When he does them at tennis tournaments, things do not go as planned. He was banned from Wimbledon after blowing an air horn during a match between Novak Djokovic and Jannik Sinner on July 5.

It wasnt enough to dissuade him from putting his hand up to the task of competing in the U.S. Open.

While Australian Nick Kyrgios was playing Russian Karen Khaachanov in the stunt from November 6, he went back to basics by getting a haircut. He was caught and kicked out.

In the second set, the camera panned to a photo of him getting a haircut while sitting in the crowd. There was a wave of quiet laughter across the people around him. The commentators saw the humor too. Theres a guy getting a haircut a couple of seats away from me, said one. It's strange to do that at the time.

They assumed he was attempting to grab the attention of the cameras, and they were correct.

However, the organizers realized that they had to include humor in the event.

Security evacuated the two individuals when they saw it. They were then escorted out of their seats and then off the field for safety reasons, according to a US Tennis representative.

JiDions obnoxious YouTube henanigans have no place in the gentleman's sport, although he still got what he wanted from it: content and attention, which is a win in his books, and it has already surpassed 142,000 views.

It's unclear whether or not he's also banned from the US Open. However, considering a haircut is less disruptive to play than a horn, there's a good possibility he wont be banned.