FIFA 23's Chemistry Rework: How to Get More chemistry in FUT 23

FIFA 23's Chemistry Rework: How to Get More chemistry in FUT 23 ...

FIFA 23 is attempting to gain more fans by introducing a number of game-changing upgrades, including the FIFA Ultimate Team being dismantled and rebuilt. Fans are eager to obtain a copy of the newest installment of EAs FIFA, which will be released on September 30.

FUT has undergone a wide spectrum of upgrades, leaving its previous versions in the dust. In particular, EA has added a new chemistry system for the long-standing mode.

How does FUT chemistry work in FIFA 23?

FUTs new feature is that players will also have chemistry no matter what position they are in. Even if a striker and goalkeeper are in the same league and on your team, they will have chemistry.Links have been effectively removed, with hybrid squads also benefitting from this change.

A new chemistry display system accompanies this feature. Three diamonds on your player card will indicate how much chemistry your players have, with three blue diamonds indicating that your player is at its height.

The maximum chemistry level has risen to 33 points. The reason for this is that there are 11 players on the field, three diamonds (113=33).

On the left, you'll see leagues, nations, and clubs. The more FIFA players from the same country, league, or lineup, the stronger the squad's bond.

How do players increase chemistry in FIFA 23?

Here's a list of suggestions for improving your chemistry in this years Ultimate Team:

  • 2 players from the same nation or club = 1 additional chemistry
  • 3 players from the same league = 1 additional chemistry
  • 5 plays from the same nation or league = 2 additional chemistry
  • 7 players from the same club = 3 additional chemistry
  • 8 players from the same nation or league = 3 additional chemistry

Positional Changes in FIFA 23 FUT

Each member of your team has three positions to tackle. Each position will not affect the chemistry within your team. Make sure you don't go too wild with position changes; your team's chemistry will suffer if a player goes out of the three spots available.

FIFA 23 has been leakier than bad plumbing in recent years, so it's hoped that these significant Ultimate Team chemistry changes will reclaim the mess that has been released.