Humanoid is already looking forward to the FNC vs. G2 grudge match in Malmo, and has promised a clean 30 if they clash

Humanoid is already looking forward to the FNC vs. G2 grudge match in Malmo, and has promised a clea ...

Marek Humanoid Brazdas' eyes see the 2022 LEC Summer playoffs as a one-way game: Fnatic defeats Rogue on Saturday before defeating League arch-rivals G2 Esports in a clean 30 in the title battle.

At least, that's his prediction two days after Malmo.

Humanoid, who spoke with ahead of the LEC championships in Sweden, is confident he's on the money. According to the star Czech mid lanerwho is bracing for his first League LAN since the World Cup2019Rogue certainly isnt looking great right now.

We should be able to defeat them, according to him. Maybe 30, 3-1. Perhaps even 32 who knows the outcome, but we will win.

He continues, G2 drops: It will be a clean 30. There is no chance for them.

Fnatic barely made the Summer playoffs, but with a three-game run to seal the split, the LEC hopefuls rose from a negative to 108.

The fifth-seed finalists have certainly improved since then. It's that reverse that Humanoid is banking on entering the on-stage Swedish judges.

He admitted that I think we played very poorly in the middle of the split. I am unable to explain why. But after that losing run [FNC lost five in a row] we began playing better than we ever were.

He continued: It was probably a good thing we started losing!

As the playoffs progressed, the Czech star, in particular, was highlighted in the second 2022 LEC campaigna slump he accepts,identifies, and says he has moved on.

Humanoid said that in the regular split, I didnt perform as well. However, towards the end, I began to play really well. I am much more confident now. Its better to play well towards the playoffs than at the start of the split. Some players play well in the regular season and then in the playoffs.

The mid laner has said that he's not one of them.

The entire FNC roster and Humanoid get to back up the Czechs' fighting words from Saturday. They will face Rogue on September 10 at the LEC finals.