Fuslies' savage Twitch burn and huge YouTube switch are all on Sykkuno's mind

Fuslies' savage Twitch burn and huge YouTube switch are all on Sykkuno's mind ...

Sykkuno has seen one friend after another, including Lily LilyPichu Ki and Leslie Fuslie Fu, making him more and more optimistic about switching to the Google-owned platform every day.

Fuslies' move, in particular, has been a hot topic because she fooled people into thinking her last Twitch stream was on Aug. 31, only to repeat it a day later as a way to get the emotion out of the way.

A member of 100 Thieves was also accused of moving solely for money. She said it was more about following her friends' footsteps and changing the situation, although the offer was great.

Sykkuno was a friend of hers who suggested her name, and he was appreciative of her joining the fraternity. He was surprised that she threw a savage punch at Twitch.

Fuslie picks up a purple guitar and strums it, only to confess that it's not her style before picking up a red one and vibing with it instead. The first one represents Twitch, and the second one represents YouTube.

The reaction of Sykkunos was priceless. Did she just sing the purple guitar then say, Not my style, after she celebrated her seven-year streaming anniversary on Twitch? he said, highlighting the harshness of the snub.

Im not kidding. It's a good move. Really good move.

After seven years, Leslie made a good move. He added it in an effort to avoid giving people the wrong impression. It's an interesting choice of words.

Sykkuno was less brutal when he moved. In his YouTube announcement video, the soft-spoken star did not lash out at Twitch, and even expressed his gratitude for the platform after making the switch.

After they missed his name in an important email and offered him a garbage deal, which made him feel more like an asset to the Amazon-owned business. So, perhaps that influenced his reaction.

But thats all in the past right now. The main thing is he is content, and if more members of his friendship circle like Fuslie join him, which xQc expects will happen, hell will be even happier.