MultiVersus is getting its biggest patch yet, which includes Gizmo, hitbox reworks, and massive tweaks

MultiVersus is getting its biggest patch yet, which includes Gizmo, hitbox reworks, and massive twea ...

The most significant change in MultiVersus is now available, though it has less to do with character balancing since Player First Games has focused on overhauling the games hitbox, hurtbox, and missile systems, as well as the addition of Gizmo as a playable fighter.

With game director Tony Huynh openly stating that it was a top priority for the team in the past, it appears like MultiVersus may be a whole new game.

Hurtboxes have now been updated for every character, and hitboxes have been changed for most attacks in the game, even if they arent listed in the actual patch notes.

PFG stated that our goal with this update is to more closely link hitboxes and hurtboxes to our character animations. We will keep an eye on how this update affects the player experience and we are prepared to implement additional patches if any issues arise. This is our first step toward truly accurate hitbox/hurtbox detection and gives us a foundation to permanently fix issues in the future.

The game's weaponry system has received a different type of update that aims to standardize global weapon behaviors across the roster, ensuring that all of them operate on the same properties.

PFG merely wants to ensure that players will have to memorize a certain amount of projectile types and behaviors in order to complete the update. Here is a breakdown of how that has been handled:

  • Standardized opposing projectiles to always clank, destroying both projectiles
  • Introduced the Heavy Projectile Heavy Projectiles break enemy projectiles, can only clank with other Heavy Projectiles, and cannot be reflected
  • Barriers and buffs that Block Projectiles more consistently block all projectiles.
  • Projectiles that explode no longer hit fighters that blocked the projectile.

PFG brought the heat with some major buffs and nerfs, even though the characters arent the focus of this patch. Or rather, it turned down the heat since Supermans Heatvision now has a weapon count that will limit how often he can spam the move.

Bug Bunny was nerfed into the ground again because the developers felt he was too dangerous and unpunished following previous changes. Shaggy, Tom and Jerry, Velma, Iron Giant, and Arya were all injured.

Velma has now developed a version of the Mystery Machine to chase down foes rather than a police vehicle.

Finn, Garnet, LeBron James, Taz, and Mortyall, all of whom received mostly or entirely positive feedback, were the major winners for this patch, since all three had issues that needed to be addressed in order to make them more usable.

Once the server downtime for servers finishes at 12pm CT and the patch is pushed live to the servers, there are also some nice map improvements and Perk changes that will be live.