Is this a non-worthy run? Elyoya weighs in on MAD not deserving of their place at Worlds 2022

Is this a non-worthy run? Elyoya weighs in on MAD not deserving of their place at Worlds 2022 ...

After the MAD Lions won only one best-of-five series in the 2022 LEC Summer Split playoffs but still qualified for the World Cup in 2022, a lot of people in the competitive League of Legends community started calling them out, claiming that they dont deserve their place. And after a few days, MADs jungler Elyoya shared his opinion.

In an interview with Factor.GGs Tom Matthiesen, the player agrees with many pundits' points. He believes that the MADs' run in the 2022 Summer Split playoffs was poor and makes them unfit for participation in the international tournament.

Elyoya said he wants to achieve this. I do not want to qualify for the Bo5s, either.

Regardless, the MADs jungler admits that while the system is broken, it is not his or any of the MADs players' fault, and that they cannot do anything about it, other than prepare for Worlds 2022 as best they possibly can. It's not our fault, according to Elyoya. If we lose two Bo5s and we still go to Worlds, what can we do?

MAD lost 3-2 to Rogue in the first round of the LEC Summer Split playoffs in 2022, but failed to defeat Fnatic in the third round of the lower bracket. Despite their performances, they will compete in Worlds 2022, where they will continue their journey during the play-in stage.

For some, getting through the tournament in the play-ins may come as an additional challenge. But for Elyoya, it's a useful step that will enable them to better prepare for the group stage. I think it's going to be beneficial for us to go through the Play-Ins, obviously. We should get the best practice we can get, said the speaker.

The second round of Worlds 2022 will begin on September 29 and the final will take place on November 5.