Due to memes, MultiVersus is moving to a Velmas police car move

Due to memes, MultiVersus is moving to a Velmas police car move ...

Due to a slew of public events, the perception of the police and their roles in the communities has been re-evaluated in recent years. Particularly when it comes to games and other media, many companies are now considering changing what used to be common use of them in games. One of Player First Games' MultiVersus characters has lost a significant part of her moveset.

Velmas' down special feature allowed her to summon a police vehicle once she'd collected enough evidence. The police car picked up the opponent and could retaliate, earning an elimination prize. Many users were quick to make memes around this move, with some saying they didn't like maining a character that's fundamental move was to call the Five-O.

Velma's Police Car has been replaced by the Mystery Machine"Now that she has solved the mystery, Velma calls the Mystery Inc. gang and the Mystery Machine to take out the bad guys."

Velma is losing her police car and instead, the Mystery Machine's gang will be helping. Instead of being arrested, Scooby and the gang will kidnap the opponent, never to be seen again. This change has been joking about in the community since it was announced last night.

MultiVersus data miner AisulMV reported that they discovered a copy of the Mystery Machine in the files, which might be the appearance of the vehicle after a player destroys it. This clearly demonstrates that PFG has been considering this change for some time.

This was planned for a while. Here is a Mystery Machine model that she had in the "Cars" folder. It may have been updated for release in the future. https://t.co/55qCXOchUD pic.twitter.com/NGv8NATMX5

Although we do not know why PFG made the move, it may be the memes and other jokes that have been made at Velmas' expense since the release of MultiVersus. Many of these include calling Velma a Karen for calling the cops on LeBron James.

Velma appears irritated by LeBron just standing there doing his own thing before calling the cops in the video above. Thats not the best look for the developer in a time when the polices unjust treatment of Black people is under the spotlight.

Even Velma's senior executives are uneasy with the move, claiming that they dislike the idea of contacting random people whenever the game is released. Users have been voicing their concerns since the game's launch, so it makes sense that Tony Huynh and his team would be diligent in trying to correct it.

Velma is a great character to play, but keeping her special move of calling the cops on her foes doesn't sit right with me as a black man. https://twitter.com/kvtfHwM3OC

Fans are appreciating the new approach, which has enabled them to crack just as many jokes as they did before the patch. This new move is expected to satiate fans while still keeping Velmas extremely powerful down the special.

Velma rang the cops on LeBron LMFAO pic.twitter.com/EePlU5A9

When the patch is released in just a few hours, MultiVersus players should be able to see the Mystery Machine for themselves.