FPX take on KRU in the VCT Champions 2022 rematch, looking to repeat after the playoffs

FPX take on KRU in the VCT Champions 2022 rematch, looking to repeat after the playoffs ...

FunPlus Phoenix and KRU Esports met off in the first of two rematches scheduled for the day, with one of the final spots in the playoffs on the line.

Icebox, a KRUs pick, appeared poised to dominate the series early on. Ardiis looked normally comfortable on Chamber, shutting down KRUs' attack side in the first few rounds of the opening half. KRU rallied, though, with delz1k taking the lead for his team to take four of the previous six rounds and reduce the FPX lead to just 7-5 at halftime.

@Nagzet | #VALORANTChampions pic.twitter.com/zTBvsZWQDi NAGZET GETS THE JOB DONE

Mazino's massive triple kill and retake in the pistol round on his battle Sage gave KRU some control once the buy rounds arrived. FPX used utility to get into deep angles on sites, regaining momentum before KRU could even set up their retakes. However, suygetsu made up for an earlier missed clutch and put FPX on map point.

POINT! @FPX_Esports | #VALORANTChampions pic.twitter.com/MtDFm4NwvN

FPXs appeared to be much more comfortable on the attack side of Ascent, punishing the KRU defense early in the run-up to a quick KRU timeout. KRU were able to keep moving forward after the break, baiting out more FPX power before the attackers made their move on site. But, just like on Icebox, KRU struggled to maintain momentum.

5 rounds in a row! #VALORANTChampions https://twitter.com/piyT4PhATQ

The pistol round was won by a lone surviving Sage for the second time in a row, but this time it was suygetsu who strengthened the already enormous FPX lead. FPX almost put the nail in the coffin by winning their bonus round, but immediately rose on match point in the next round thanks to a dominant defensive setup. Ardiis put KRU out of their misery instantly, closing out the map and the series with a stunning ace.

THE ACE TO END THE SERIES @ardiis | #VALORANTChampions pic.twitter.com/R8IvqOekTP

The FPX's group stage run is similar to that of Masters Copenhagen, with a slow start that ends with the team looking significantly stronger by the end of the stage. FPX can now look forward to their first-round matchup against DRX, who they beat heroically in the lower bracket of Copenhagen.