The director of MultiVersus says the group will focus on improving online netcode next

The director of MultiVersus says the group will focus on improving online netcode next ...

MultiVersus is the most popular new fighting game, drawing millions of players from across the world to play it out as iconic characters. Along with a wide range of new improvements to individual characters and their hitboxes, PFG knows what it will be focusing on next.

The primary focus of this update is the improvement to the character hitboxes, which appear to be much tighter on the models. Netcode improvements are the next software advancements, according to the game's creator.

This change provides a foundation for permanent resolution of issues going forward. We believe that offline play would be improved, although it may still be affected by latency. Our next primary focus is on netcode improvements.

If PFG continues to work on the same schedule as between Morty and Gizmo, then it might release the next character as soon as Sept. 20. Even if they were able to release the next character that soon, there is no guarantee that the netcode improvements will arrive by then. Huynh will likely reveal further information as the next couple of weeks go by.

Netcode is a term used by gamers to describe the differences between a player and the games servers. It is the aim of any company that uses netcode to reduce the time it takes for the server to communicate with the device. In MultiVersus, this means that there's less time between when you press a button and the action on screen.

Fans are requesting enormous improvements to netcode, but hitboxes are making the game feel more fair overall. Now that the characters' hitboxes are there, it's much easier to see and plan attacks based on the real character.