Is it possible to play Splatoon 3 offline?

Is it possible to play Splatoon 3 offline? ...

The Splatoon franchise has been quiet since 2017 and is about to make another splash. Splatoon 3 is now being released throughout the world, and the servers are slowly filling in with players.

Splatoon games become more enjoyable when played with friends, causing the players to wonder if playing online is the only way to have fun with friends in Splatoon 3, nothing compares to having everyone in the same room for the ultimate experience.

Can Splatoon 3 be played offline?

Yes, the game may be played offline in a couch co-op setting, as long as other players have their own Nintendo Switches. While offline, players may choose to play in game modes like Salmon Run and Turf War.

Does Splatoon 3 have a split-screen mode?

No, Splatoon 3 does not have a split-screen mode. This is the main reason why players will need separate devices while trying to play the game in an offline multiplayer setup.

A split-screen option would push the Nintendo Switch's limits, particularly as the number of players grows. It's also unlikely that a Splatoon 3 party could be combined with a single Nintendo Switch.

It's possible for old Nintendo gamers to upgrade their Switch as the discount seasons approach. A Splatoon 3 LAN party might soon become a reality.