Who is Kiriko, the latest leaked hero in Overwatch 2?

Who is Kiriko, the latest leaked hero in Overwatch 2? ...

Overwatch 2's release is ecstatic for the Overwatch community. New gameplay modes, new lore-inspired experiences, and new heroes are on their way.

While Sojourn and Junker Queen have been revealed and were available during the beta, Overwatch players are already speculating about what heroes will join the roster in the sequel.

Many of these rumors center on Kiriko, a fox-like support hero. While Blizzard has already declared these rumors to be false, industry insiders and leakers continue to look for evidence that it is not.

How did the Kiriko rumor start?

Since 2019, the idea of a fox-like hero has been discussed, according to Game Informer, which revealed that Jeff Kaplan had shown it a female character and her fox companion. Later, an industry insider said on a forum in early 2022 that there would be a character named Yako, a teenage ninja girl with a fox friend.

When Overwatch 2 released a teaser for the Junker Queen, Kiriko was first discussed in June. Many followers were surprised when the film depicted a glowing spirit fox wandering through Kanezaka. The video was immediately explained to Blizzard.

WHO IS THIS CUTIE? pic.twitter.com/yz8TQUEL20

Kanezaka is a Deathmatch map that is set in the Shimada Clans territory of Hanamura. A woman named Asa wrote to her imprisoned husband Toshiro, saying she desired her daughter. She states that the kitsune can alter your luck.

After making a jargonous Naruto joke, Blizzard attempted to silence the stories.

John Wanted Lin, an Overwatch streamer, almost slipped up on stream by bringing up Kiriko once more after receiving inside information from the Overwatch 2 team. When asked who he might lead of the new heroes, Wanted started saying the name, but quickly caught himself.

Blizzard has unintentionally released a new Overwatch 2 hero.

Although Blizzard had previously denied the reports, it was Blizzard that confirmed the existence of the fox girl in the end.

OverwatchNaeri, a leak, tweeted a screengrab from the Blizzards website that mentioned Kiriko, the new hero. Both mentioned a Legendary skin for Kiriko and called Kiriko the latest hero.

New Overwatch 2 Support Hero, Fox Girl 'Kiriko' Revealed Mythic Skin: Demon GenjiNew Hero: Kiriko(Fox) Hinotori Kiriko Legendary SkinThe New #Overwatch2 Heroes may be obtained by unlocking the free track, even if you haven't purchased the Battle Pass pic.twitter.com/KeDlizkWmn

When will Kiriko be added to Overwatch 2?

According to the leaked screengrabs from Blizzards' website, Kiriko may be available when Overwatch 2 launches. However, the new hero will most likely have to be unlocked via the battle pass.

According to Jon Spector, Overwatch 2 heroes will be available on the free track of the battle pass, so players will not have to pay to unlock them during the current season. The heroes will also be available in future seasons on the free track if players dont unlock them during the current season.

We'll be publishing all information about the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass ahead of the launch, but want to confirm that new Overwatch 2 heroes will be available on the free track of the Battle Pass.

Kiriko may be one of the first heroes to be included in the season one battle pass. Players may either grind through the free track to unlock Kiriko or immediately begin using her by purchasing the premium version of the battle pass. Many players have expressed disappointment with the introduction of battle passes into Overwatch 2.

What are Kirikos abilities?

Kiriko is unfortunately unknown to the Overwatch community at this time. Many of the support heroes are ineffective in the new five-vs-five meta, therefore a new hero created specifically for the new gameplay will be an excellent addition to the roster.

According to the lore, the fox spirit is said to bring good luck with the shake of its tail. This might help Kiriko's weaponry, possibly giving her better accuracy or more ammunition. Kiriko also appears to have a spirit-like form in the trailer, making her more viable than Ana and Zenyatta in the more aggressive meta.

Kiriko is a mystery to the Overwatch community for the time being. Fans will have to wait for Blizzard to reveal more information about Kiriko, including her background, appearance, and abilities.